Danieli’s Cutting-Edge Turkish Expansion

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Habaş Group partners with Danieli to fortify its flat-products sector, introducing a state-of-the-art tin-plate complex in Aliağa, Turkey. With a capacity of 900,000 metric tons annually, the facility caters to diverse steel grades and aims to meet burgeoning demands in packaging for both food and non-food industries, enhancing cold-rolled and annealed thin sheet production.


Habaş Group embarks on an ambitious venture in collaboration with Danieli, a move aimed at solidifying their footprint in the flat-products domain. The initiation of a cutting-edge tin-plate complex in Aliağa, Turkey, signifies a substantial step toward meeting the surging requirements of the packaging industry, spanning food and non-food applications, alongside the escalating need for cold-rolled and annealed thin sheets.

Situated in a greenfield area near Izmir, adjacent to Habaş's existing plants, the new facility boasts an impressive capacity of 900,000 metric tons per year. It will churn out a diverse range of steel grades, including T1 to T4 (single reduction) and DR7 to DR10 (double reduction), comprising 250,000 metric tons of tinplate. Additionally, 150,000 metric tons of thin, continuous annealed cold-rolled coil, and 500,000 metric tons of semi-finished products, including electrolytically cleaned, full-hard coils, are projected for production.

This pioneering complex incorporates four pivotal process segments: electrolytic cleaning, cold rolling and tempering, electrolytic tinning, and continuous annealing. The cleaning section prioritizes environmental sustainability, ensuring a fully enclosed environment to prevent emission of fumes or liquids.

The advanced two-stand DCR temper mill, equipped with cutting-edge technology such as low hysteresis HAGC cylinders, E-blocks for WR bending, and a roll-coolant system, guarantees top-tier material properties and surface roughness. This setup combines reduction with skin-passing, facilitated by a 15,000-kN mill stand, to deliver exceptional quality.

The dual-purpose electrolytic-tinning line focuses on surface-quality tinplate and tin-free steel products. Meanwhile, the continuous annealing line, armed with a powerful radiant-tube furnace and a dedicated cleaning and DCR-Double Cold Reduction mill, promises high-grade tinplate and cold-rolled strip, processing strips as thin as 0.2 mm at a maximum speed of 500 mpm.

Scheduled to commence operations gradually from late 2024, the plant incorporates Danieli Automation electrical equipment and control systems, ensuring efficient and modernized operations.


Habaş Group's collaboration with Danieli marks a significant leap forward in the Turkish steel industry, unveiling a groundbreaking tin-plate complex in Aliağa. The advanced facility, equipped with cutting-edge technology and diverse production capabilities, stands poised to meet the escalating demands of the packaging industry, showcasing a commitment to high-quality steel production for varied applications.

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