Deacero's Quintuple Shredding Endeavor

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Deacero, a major Mexican steel manufacturer, is advancing its scrap processing capabilities by acquiring five new shredder plants from Danieli Centro Recycling. These plants will enhance scrap cleanliness and metal recovery, significantly impacting the company’s steelmaking process.


Deacero, a prominent steel manufacturer specializing in long products in Mexico, has taken a significant leap forward in its production process. The company has placed an order for five state-of-the-art shredder plants from Danieli Centro Recycling, a renowned technology provider in the steelmaking industry. This investment is aimed at refining Deacero's scrap processing operations, a vital component in modern steel production.

Each of the new plants will be equipped with advanced shredder machines designed to process both light domestic scrap and complete car bodies. The inclusion of ferrous scrap cleaning and nonferrous separation lines will ensure that the output is of the highest quality, with magnetic-separation technology providing a clean and valuable scrap product, known as proler. Additionally, the plants will incorporate nonferrous separation capabilities to recover zorba, a sought-after mix of high-purity nonferrous metals.

The capacity of these shredders is notable. Four of the plants will house 2000-horsepower shredders, each capable of producing 50 metric tons per hour of ferrous output. The fifth plant will operate with a more powerful 4000-horsepower shredder, doubling the output to 100 metric tons per hour.

A key feature of these shredders is their energy efficiency. Each machine will be powered by Danieli’s patented inverter drives, which are expected to reduce operational costs by saving up to 15% in energy consumption. This not only benefits Deacero's bottom line but also aligns with broader environmental goals by reducing energy usage.

The processed scrap will primarily supply Deacero's own meltshops in Mexico, enhancing the company's self-sufficiency and reducing reliance on external scrap suppliers. This vertical integration ensures that Deacero can maintain control over the quality of the materials used in its steelmaking process.

The heavy-duty equipment for these plants will be manufactured and assembled in Danieli's specialized workshops in Thailand and Italy, bringing together global expertise and craftsmanship to deliver these sophisticated systems.


Deacero's investment in five new shredder plants from Danieli Centro Recycling marks a strategic enhancement of its scrap processing capabilities. By producing cleaner and more efficiently processed scrap, Deacero is set to strengthen its steel production quality and efficiency, further cementing its position as a leader in the North and Central American steel markets.

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