Decarbonization Collaboration: Latin America's Historic Pledge

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Latin American heavy industries, including steel and cement, unite to accelerate decarbonization in a landmark collaboration at COP28. The Declaration for Collaboration seeks to tackle climate goals by addressing technological, financial, and regulatory barriers in achieving decarbonization targets.


In a landmark endeavor at COP28, Latin America's heavy industry giants, including Alacero, FICEM, OLADE, LAC Clean Hydrogen Action, and the Inter-American Development Bank, embarked on a groundbreaking collaboration. Their pledge, encapsulated in the Declaration for Collaboration, signifies a concerted effort to accelerate decarbonization in the region's heavy industries.

Signed on December 5, 2023, in Dubai, this historic agreement underscores a collective commitment to combat climate change and foster regional integration, aiming for a carbon-neutral trajectory by 2030. Amidst alarming global temperature rises, the collaboration accentuates the pivotal role played by heavy industries in the transformation of raw materials like steel, aluminum, cement, and paper.

With heavy industries accounting for a substantial 29% of global emissions, the collaborative pact emphasizes the urgency of transitioning from fossil fuels to low-carbon alternatives and renewable energy sources. This unified effort seeks to mitigate the substantial carbon footprint generated by these industries.

The Inter-American Development Bank's participation in supporting regional development aligns seamlessly with the objectives outlined in the declaration. The coordination of collective efforts intends to facilitate the fulfillment of the Paris Agreement's objectives within the region.

Given the financial challenges associated with decarbonization, the collaboration emphasizes the imperative need for innovative financing models and investment strategies tailored to expedite the transition to low-carbon economies.

The declaration heralds the promise of decarbonization, promoting innovation, sustainable technological investments, and resilient development across Latin America and the Caribbean. This collective effort aims to drive a transformative shift towards a greener, more sustainable future for the region.


The alliance forged among key players in Latin America's heavy industries marks a historic endeavor towards decarbonization. Through concerted efforts and collaborative strategies, the region aims to combat climate change, promote sustainable development, and drive innovations crucial for a resilient, low-carbon future.

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