Decarbonization Dialogues: Forging a Sustainable Steel Future



At COP28, a consortium introduced the Steel Standards Principles, aiming to slash the steel industry's 8% greenhouse gas contribution by 90%. These principles advocate unified emission measurement methods, emphasizing transparency, collaboration, and a global dialogue to accelerate low-carbon steel solutions.



The debut of the Steel Standards Principles at COP28 heralded a seismic shift in the steel industry's stance toward decarbonization. Orchestrated by global entities, these principles underscored the industry's crucial role in greenhouse gas emissions.

A clarion call for a 90% emissions reduction resonated through these principles, highlighting the steel sector's commitment to aligning with climate goals. Central to this vision was a unified approach to measuring emissions, promoting transparency and technological advancements.

The Director General, echoing the WTO's endorsement, emphasized the significance of streamlined standards in the steel industry. The Principles garnered support from 40 stalwarts, fostering resonance and unity within the industry.

The Principles stressed the need for inclusive dialogues spanning economies, mirroring the importance of collaboration among stakeholders. Inspired by global initiatives, these principles pave the way for a net-zero steel industry.

The Business and Philanthropy Climate Forum convened, advocating for low-carbon solutions in steel production. Industry leaders praised the Principles as foundational to defining and achieving low-carbon steel targets.

In a bid to refine emissions standards, inclusive dialogues emerged as the catalyst for collaboration among various stakeholders. This inclusive narrative spans nations, governments, industry bodies, and civil society, aiming for comprehensive and transparent emissions standards.

The emphasis on standardized GHG measurements at various production levels seeks to bridge the gap between existing standards and evolving frameworks. The shared lexicon proposed in these principles aims to define the nuances of near-zero emissions steel production.


The Steel Standards Principles introduced at COP28 advocate for unity and transparency in measuring greenhouse gas emissions. They call for inclusive dialogues, streamlined standards, and a commitment to assess progress annually, ushering in a sustainable era for the global steel industry.

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