Decarbonization Triumph: German Aid for Green Steel

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The European Commission approves a €2.6 billion German state aid to support SHS Stahl-Holding-Saar in cutting carbon emissions by shifting to hydrogen-based steel production. The move aligns with the EU's green initiatives, aiming to foster the production of renewable hydrogen and reduce reliance on Russian fossil fuels.


The European Commission recently sanctioned a €2.6 billion German initiative aiding SHS Stahl-Holding-Saar GmbH & Co KGaA (‘SHS') to transition its steel production in Saarland to more environmentally friendly processes. The aid targets reducing carbon emissions and promoting renewable hydrogen production in line with EU directives.

Germany proposed this support to facilitate SHS' plan to partially decarbonize steel production in Völklingen and Dillingen, Saarland, replacing current blast furnaces and oxygen converters with a direct reduction plant and electric arc furnaces. This move aims to gradually phase out natural gas and rely predominantly on low-carbon and renewable hydrogen.

SHS plans to engage renewable hydrogen suppliers through competitive tenders, laying the groundwork for a renewable hydrogen value chain in the Saarland region. These new steel production units, operational from 2026, aim to produce 3.05 million metric tons of crude steel yearly, substituting an equivalent from the conventional, more polluting methods.

The Commission's assessment validated the aid's alignment with EU goals like the European Green Deal and the REPowerEU Plan. It acknowledged the aid's necessity to promote green steel and emphasized the precautions to prevent unfair competition. The project's success could lead to significant carbon dioxide reduction and knowledge sharing within the industry.


The European Commission's approval of Germany's €2.6 billion aid marks a significant step towards fostering sustainable steel production by reducing carbon emissions and embracing renewable hydrogen. Aligned with EU directives, this initiative sets a precedent for transitioning industrial sectors towards greener practices.

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