Decarbonizing Metalloinvest: A Hydrogen Horizon

MetalloinvestImage Source: Metalloinvest


Metalloinvest is actively striving to reduce its carbon footprint through innovative approaches like low-carbon hydrogen technologies and CO₂ capture. The company's efforts were discussed at a recent international forum, shedding light on the broader strategy for achieving significant emission reductions.


In a world increasingly alarmed by climate change, Metalloinvest has taken substantive steps to reduce its environmental impact. Yury Gavrilov, Director for Strategy, M&A, recently addressed these efforts during the 'Hydrogen Energy Technologies: Challenges and Opportunities' session at the Russian Energy Week international forum.

The company is not working in isolation. It collaborates with leading Russian industrial and scientific entities to advance low-carbon hydrogen production technologies. Additionally, Metalloinvest is investigating international partnerships for equipment and technology supplies.

One critical area of focus for Metalloinvest is the capture and disposal of carbon dioxide (CO₂). Yury Gavrilov indicated that, in the short to medium term, the capture and utilization of greenhouse gas emissions will be key to the decarbonization strategy of Russian metallurgical enterprises.

Hydrogen technologies have a promising future, according to Gavrilov. They have diverse applications like energy storage and transportation, and in the direct reduction of metals. Hydrogen can act as a reducing agent, substituting for coal and natural gas, especially in the production of hot briquetted and directly reduced iron (HBI/DRI).

As of now, Metalloinvest has the capacity to utilize up to 55% of grey hydrogen produced by methane conversion. Further, the HBI and DRI units have the potential to increase the share of green hydrogen to 30% in the medium term, offering a path to even more sustainable operations.

The company's Climate Strategy, in effect since 2021, aims for a complete transition to green hydrogen by 2030. This ambitious plan seeks to reduce CO₂ emissions from HBI/DRI production to nearly zero, aligning with global efforts to mitigate climate change.


Metalloinvest continues to set an example for the metallurgical industry with its robust commitment to sustainability. By harnessing innovation, forming strategic partnerships, and setting ambitious goals, the company is poised to make a significant contribution to global decarbonization efforts.

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