Defending Visakhapatnam Steel: Lokesh Vows Against Privatization

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TDP's Nara Lokesh pledges to thwart the privatization of Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, assuring the displaced community of support. Promising parliamentary advocacy post-2024 elections, he denounces Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy's silence on the issue. Lokesh asserts protection for plant employees, workers, and the aggrieved, highlighting unfulfilled promises and advocating for their welfare.


The Visakhapatnam Steel Plant's fate hangs in the balance as TDP's Nara Lokesh stands firm against its privatization, advocating for the rights of the displaced and aggrieved parties. The promise of support and defense against privatization comes as Lokesh concludes his 226-day 'Yuva Galam' padayatra in Visakhapatnam.

During the padayatra, locals expressed their concerns to Lokesh regarding unfulfilled promises and the looming threat of privatization. Many who had sacrificed lands for the plant's establishment voiced distress over pending compensations and job assurances.

Lokesh emphasized the historical significance of the shore-based steel plant, vowing to resist privatization at all costs. He criticized Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy for purportedly staying silent due to potential repercussions from the Centre.

Assuring proactive measures, Lokesh pledged support for the welfare and security of steel plant workers and the displaced community. He highlighted failures in the current regime's promises and outlined plans for housing, working sheds, subsidies, and power provisions for handloom workers if TDP regains power.


Nara Lokesh's vehement stance against the privatization of Visakhapatnam Steel Plant underscores his commitment to safeguarding the interests of the displaced and workers. His promises, made during the 'Yuva Galam' padayatra, reflect a determined effort to challenge Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy's alleged silence and secure the well-being of those affected by the plant's operations.

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