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The US Department of Commerce (DOC) finalized antidumping duties on Indian steel firms, setting new rates at 0.61% for Goodluck India Limited and 4.14% for Tube Products of India. Effective from November 22, these duties impact specific steel categories in the US market underlining the DOC's commitment to fair trade practices.


The US Department of Commerce concluded its examination, revealing revised antidumping duties for Indian steel companies. Goodluck India Limited faced an increased duty of 0.61%, while Tube Products of India saw a rise to 4.14%, marking a significant change from the initial rates.

These finalized duties, effective from November 22, directly affect certain subheadings in the HTSUS related to steel imports. The DOC's primary objective is to maintain fair competition and safeguard domestic steel industries against potentially harmful trade practices.

This decision follows a rigorous review period from June 1, 2021, to May 31, 2022, emphasizing the DOC's dedication to ensuring a level playing field for domestic steel producers in the US market.

The imposition of these revised duties signifies the DOC's proactive stance against dumping practices that may negatively impact local industries. It stands as a pivotal measure to maintain fair trade dynamics within specific steel categories, promoting equitable opportunities for domestic steel manufacturers.


The US Department of Commerce's finalization of antidumping duties on Indian steel companies underscores its commitment to fair trade practices. Effective immediately, these measures aim to support and safeguard the interests of local steel producers, ensuring a balanced market environment in the specified steel categories.

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