Dragon's Breath: DSC's Blast Furnace Symphony

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Taiwan's Dragon Steel Corporation, a subsidiary of China Steel Corporation, sets the stage for an annual maintenance spectacle at its No. 1 blast furnace, commencing on March 1, 2025. With a meticulous plan extending from July 2022 to December 2025, DSC aims to infuse artificial intelligence into the furnace, enhancing production quality and optimizing capacity. The 153-day maintenance period, a well-orchestrated performance, prioritizes material preparation without disrupting the supply chain.


In a strategic move, Dragon Steel Corporation (DSC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Steel Corporation (CSC), is gearing up for an annual maintenance endeavor that promises to be nothing short of a symphony at its No. 1 blast furnace. Scheduled to kick off on March 1, 2025, this carefully orchestrated maintenance dance is expected to unfold over a period of approximately 153 days.

With meticulous planning extending from July 2022 to December 2025, DSC aims to not only ensure the seamless functioning of its No. 1 blast furnace but also to introduce a cutting-edge AI system. Drawing inspiration from the success of CSC's No. 2 blast furnace equipped with an AI system, this technological integration seeks to elevate production quality and optimize overall capacity.

As the curtains rise on this annual maintenance performance, DSC has adopted a principle that places a premium on material preparation without causing disruptions in the crucial supply chain. The company's commitment to maintaining a steady flow of materials underscores its dedication to operational excellence.

The No. 1 blast furnace replacement plan, a strategic initiative by DSC, aligns with its vision to stay at the forefront of technological advancements in the steel industry. By infusing artificial intelligence into the production process, DSC aims to not only enhance the efficiency of its blast furnace but also set a benchmark for quality and innovation.


Dragon Steel Corporation's upcoming annual maintenance at the No. 1 blast furnace is poised to be a transformative spectacle in the steel industry. The infusion of artificial intelligence reflects DSC's commitment to staying ahead in technological innovation. As the maintenance unfolds over the course of 153 days, the company's focus on material preparation ensures a seamless operation, maintaining a delicate balance between innovation and operational continuity.

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