Eco-Forge: JSW & Coolbrook's Carbon-Cutting Convergence

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JSW Group, a $23 billion Indian conglomerate, and Finland's transformative tech firm, Coolbrook, forge a strategic alliance for industrial electrification. This collaboration aims to deploy Coolbrook's groundbreaking RotoDynamic Heater™ (RDH™) Technology at JSW's manufacturing sites, targeting significant CO2 reduction in steel and cement production. The partnership follows successful pilot tests, showcasing RDH™'s prowess in surpassing conventional resistive heaters, signaling a revolutionary shift towards cleaner, electrified industrial processes.



In a groundbreaking collaboration, JSW Group, a stalwart in India's business landscape, and Coolbrook, a Finnish technological marvel, join forces to spearhead industrial electrification. The strategic cooperation centers around implementing Coolbrook's pioneering RotoDynamic Heater™ (RDH™) Technology at JSW's manufacturing hub in Karnataka, India, with a laser focus on curbing CO2 emissions in steel and cement production.

Coolbrook, fresh from triumphs in large-scale pilot tests at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus in the Netherlands, propels this partnership forward. The tests underscore RDH™'s capability to generate heat, surpassing 1000°C—a feat beyond traditional resistive heaters. Impressively, the technology demonstrates prowess in reaching temperatures up to 1700°C, a critical milestone for the demanding realm of steel production.

The collaborative venture charts a course for a commercial demonstration project at JSW's Vijayanagar Works, showcasing the transformative impact of RDH™ technology. The agreement outlines a roadmap for phased RDH™ Technology integration into JSW Steel & Cement manufacturing processes, aiming for a low-carbon production paradigm.

JSW's commitment to sustainability echoes through the words of PK Murugan, President – JSW Steel Vijayanagar & Salem Works. He emphasizes the deployment of RDH™ Technology as a pivotal step in reducing the group's CO2 emissions, aligning with global sustainability benchmarks. The partnership with Coolbrook becomes a cornerstone in JSW's quest for climate targets and sustainable production.

Joonas Rauramo, CEO of Coolbrook, expresses enthusiasm about welcoming JSW Steel into their partner network. He highlights how RDH™ technology, by leveraging clean energy, spearheads the electrification of steel manufacturing processes, contributing significantly to decarbonization. The patented electric technology minimizes reliance on fossil fuels, ushering in a Clean New Industrial Era.

RDH™ Technology's unique proposition lies in utilizing renewable electricity to power high-temperature industrial processes, notably in steel and cement production. By significantly reducing dependence on fossil fuels, the technology emerges as a catalyst for decarbonization. This collaboration aligns with JSW Steel's vision of accelerating decarbonization and achieving Net Zero aspirations.

Coolbrook's RDH™ Technology emerges as a global game-changer, holding the potential to slash CO2 emissions in heavy industries by 30%. The technology's applications extend to electrifying and decarbonizing high-temperature process heating in cement, steel, and iron production. Additionally, it seeks to replace fossil-fuel-fired steam crackers in the petrochemical industry, contributing to 100% CO2-free olefin production.

The global implications of Coolbrook's technology are staggering, with the potential to cut over 2.4 billion tons of CO2 emissions annually. As the technology gears up for a commercial launch in 2024, the partnership between JSW Group and Coolbrook emerges as a beacon in the pursuit of sustainable, electrified industrial processes.


The alliance between JSW Group and Coolbrook marks a paradigm shift in the industrial landscape, steering towards cleaner, electrified processes. RDH™ Technology, with its unprecedented heat-generating capabilities, becomes a catalyst for global decarbonization. As the world grapples with sustainability challenges, this collaboration stands as a testament to the power of innovation in forging a cleaner and more sustainable industrial era.

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