EcoBrew: ArcelorMittal's Ethanol Epoch

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ArcelorMittal achieves a groundbreaking feat with the first-ever industrial-scale production of ethanol at its Steelanol plant, a pioneer in carbon capture and utilization. Partnering with LanzaTech, Primetals Technologies, and E4Tech, ArcelorMittal's innovative process transforms carbon-rich industrial gases from steel production into ethanol, marking a crucial milestone in the plant's commissioning journey.


In a historic move, ArcelorMittal proudly announces the initiation of industrial-scale ethanol production at its innovative Steelanol plant, situated in Gent, Belgium. This breakthrough, achieved on November 7, 2023, is a testament to the success of Europe's premier carbon capture and utilization (CCU) project. Collaborating with partners LanzaTech, Primetals Technologies, and E4Tech, ArcelorMittal's journey toward sustainable ethanol production has reached a pivotal moment.

The Steelanol plant ingeniously captures carbon-rich industrial gases emanating from steel production and transforms them into ethanol through LanzaTech's cutting-edge carbon biorecycling process. In a process reminiscent of a brewery, specialized bacteria act as biocatalysts, converting carbon gas into crucial chemical components like ethanol. The plant's inauguration in December 2022 marked the commencement of its transformative mission, followed by the introduction of the biocatalyst and the initiation of ethanol production in June 2023.

This remarkable achievement not only underscores the technological prowess of the involved partners but also signifies a significant stride towards sustainable industrial practices, aligning with global efforts to mitigate carbon emissions.


In conclusion, ArcelorMittal's successful industrial production of ethanol at the Steelanol plant is a landmark achievement in sustainable technology. By converting carbon-rich industrial gases into ethanol, the company, alongside its partners, has demonstrated the viability of carbon capture and utilization. This development holds promise for a greener future, showcasing the potential of innovative processes to reduce the environmental impact of industrial activities.

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