EcoLeaf Triumph: JFE Steel's Green Certification"

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JFE Steel Corporation proudly announces the EcoLeaf certification for its steel bar and wire rod products from Sendai Works and Kurashiki plant. Bestowed by Japan's Sustainable Management Promotion Organization, EcoLeaf empowers customers with a quantitative evaluation of JFE Steel's product lifecycle environmental impact. Compliant with ISO standards, these certifications reflect JFE's commitment to transparent environmental disclosures, contributing to their parent company's vision of carbon neutrality by 2050.


In a groundbreaking development, JFE Steel Corporation achieves EcoLeaf certification for its steel bar and wire rod products originating from Sendai Works and the Kurashiki plant at West Japan Works. This prestigious recognition, granted by the Sustainable Management Promotion Organization (SuMPO) in Japan, involves rigorous third-party audits and data verification. The EcoLeaf certification signifies a pivotal leap, enabling customers to precisely assess the environmental footprint of JFE Steel's sustainable products.

EcoLeaf, a Type-III environmental product declaration (EPD) aligned with ISO 14025:2006 standards, delineates the comprehensive environmental impact of products and services, encompassing raw material procurement to disposal and recycling. JFE Steel's certified steel bars and wire rods, spanning diverse products in various sizes, stand out for their impeccable surface quality, making them ideal for automotive components. The EcoLeaf certification underscores JFE Steel's dedication to transparently disclosing environmental impacts, fostering increased confidence among customers.

The Japan Iron and Steel Federation actively supports the EcoLeaf program and introduced Product Category Rules (PCR) in 2019 to calculate environmental impacts. This PCR adheres to ISO 20915 and JIS Q 20915 standards, integrating recycling capacity considerations. JFE Steel's adherence to these standards aligns with its broader commitment, as outlined in the JFE Group Environmental Vision for 2050. This vision, part of a holistic initiative for carbon neutrality by 2050, propels JFE Steel to reduce CO2 emissions through eco-friendly products.

JFE Steel's pledge extends beyond curbing its own CO2 emissions. The company aims to contribute to a sustainable world by supplying high-quality, eco-friendly steel products. These products boast exceptional recyclability, promoting continued reuse and substantially lower per-unit environmental impact compared to alternative materials. The EcoLeaf certification stands as a testament to JFE Steel's dedication to green initiatives, aligning with a future of environmentally conscious steel production.


JFE Steel's EcoLeaf-certified steel bar and wire rod products mark a significant milestone in the company's pursuit of sustainability. Empowering customers with quantitative environmental impact assessments, these certifications underscore JFE Steel's commitment to transparency and eco-friendly practices. Aligned with broader industry standards and the JFE Group Environmental Vision for 2050, this achievement solidifies JFE Steel's role in shaping a greener, more sustainable future.

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