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Ruukki Construction, in collaboration with Honkarakenne, pioneers the implementation of SSAB fossil-free steel in roofing, marking the world's first roof made of fossil-free steel. Set atop a Honka log house in Klaukkala, Finland, the Ruukki Classic roof emphasizes carbon-neutral construction. This breakthrough aligns with Ruukki's commitment to sustainability, utilizing bio-based coatings and partnering with Honkarakenne to advance low-carbon log building practices.


In a groundbreaking initiative, Ruukki Construction, a part of the SSAB Group, joins forces with Honkarakenne to introduce the world's inaugural roof crafted from fossil-free steel. This pioneering roof, named Ruukki Classic, is slated for installation atop a Honka log house in Klaukkala, Finland. Manufactured at Ruukki's Vimpeli plant, the fossil-free steel is coated with a bio-based layer, harmonizing with Honka's commitment to eco-friendly log building using sustainably sourced wood.

Ruukki is collaboratively working with selected house factory partners to develop sustainable homes featuring the Ruukki Classic roof made from fossil-free steel. Beyond material choices, Ruukki is actively minimizing the lifecycle emissions of its products. This includes incorporating green energy in manufacturing, employing bio-based or recycled materials in packaging, and utilizing bio-based fuels in logistics wherever feasible.

Eino Hekali, Vice President, Product at Honkarakenne, underscores the significance of low-carbon construction, highlighting log as an ideal material for sustainable building. The collaboration with Ruukki represents a pivotal step towards eco-friendly construction, promoting reduced CO2 emissions and sustainable practices on a global scale.

Jorma Korhonen, Business Director of Ruukki's Roofing business in Finland, expresses the company's commitment to long-term cooperation with customers, emphasizing the joint effort to mitigate the environmental impact of construction. Ruukki's earlier delivery of fossil-free steel building products in 2023 is a testament to its dedication to advancing sustainable solutions.

Later this year, Ruukki plans to introduce SSAB Zero™, a recycled steel produced with fossil-free energy, with the ambition to launch state-of-the-art recycled steel-based building product families in 2024. Commercial availability of products made from fossil-free steel is anticipated from 2026, solidifying Ruukki's position at the forefront of eco-conscious construction.


In conclusion, Ruukki's collaboration with Honkarakenne to introduce the world's first roof made of fossil-free steel marks a momentous stride toward sustainable construction. The Ruukki Classic roof, set to crown a Honka log house, exemplifies the commitment to carbon-neutral building practices. With ongoing initiatives and future plans for recycled steel products, Ruukki is positioned to lead the way in eco-friendly construction solutions.

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