EcoSteam Revolution: Boosts ArcelorMittal's Energy Efficiency

EDISONImage Source: Industi Ambiente


Edison Next, a Spain-based energy services provider, completes a pivotal project commissioning three steam boilers and a water treatment plant at ArcelorMittal Spain's Aviles mill. This strategic investment aims to enhance energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and streamline production processes. The utilization of by-product gases from steel production in the boilers not only optimizes fuel consumption but also aligns with ArcelorMittal's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.


In a groundbreaking move towards sustainability, Edison Next, an energy services provider based in Spain, has successfully commissioned three steam boilers and a water treatment plant at ArcelorMittal Spain's Aviles mill. This strategic initiative marks a significant step in enhancing energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions, and bolstering the overall environmental sustainability of ArcelorMittal's operations.

The investment's primary objective is to optimize the production processes at ArcelorMittal Spain, fostering internal energy generation and ensuring a stable supply of steam crucial for mill operations. The three newly installed boilers, boasting a steam production capacity of 25 metric tons per hour, play a dual role by not only meeting operational needs but also contributing to a reduction in fuel consumption. This reduction is achieved through the utilization of gases generated as by-products during the steel production process, showcasing a holistic approach to resource optimization.

Juan Carlos Sanjorge, the northwest area regional manager at Edison Next, emphasizes the profound impact of such initiatives on efficiency, sustainability, and economic improvement for ArcelorMittal. The optimization of fuel consumption, reduction in operating costs, and adherence to regulatory standards are key benefits that align with the company's commitment to responsible corporate practices.


In conclusion, Edison Next's successful commissioning of steam boilers at ArcelorMittal Spain signifies a transformative shift towards environmental responsibility and energy efficiency. The utilization of by-product gases not only contributes to a sustainable energy mix but also positions ArcelorMittal as a leader in embracing innovative solutions for reducing carbon footprint. This initiative serves as a testament to the intersection of economic progress and environmental stewardship, setting the stage for a greener and more sustainable tomorrow.

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