EcoSteel Nexus: SSAB & GE Vernova

GE Vernova
GE VernovaImage Source: SSAB


SSAB collaborates with GE Vernova Onshore Wind, supplying SSAB Zero™ steel for onshore wind towers in North America. The partnership aims to create onshore wind towers with minimal carbon footprint, aligning with GE Vernova's decarbonization goals. SSAB Zero, produced at SSAB Americas' Iowa facility, not only supports carbon emission reduction but also maintains the high-performance characteristics required for sophisticated wind tower applications.


In a pioneering collaboration, SSAB joins forces with GE Vernova Onshore Wind to introduce SSAB Zero™ steel in onshore wind towers in North America. This strategic partnership targets the creation of onshore wind towers with the lowest possible carbon footprint, aligning with GE Vernova's commitment to decarbonize its products. SSAB Zero, manufactured at SSAB Americas' Iowa facility, emerges as a key enabler in meeting carbon emission objectives while preserving the advanced performance attributes crucial for this specialized application.

Guy Lynch, Executive Director of Global Sourcing at Onshore Wind for GE Vernova, emphasizes the significance of SSAB Zero in substantially reducing Scope 1 and Scope 2 tower steel carbon emissions, marking a significant contribution to GE Vernova's overall carbon footprint reduction. The collaboration signifies a step forward in the ongoing industry-wide effort to integrate cleaner technologies into renewable energy solutions.

In 2023, SSAB Iowa achieved a milestone by producing the world's lowest CO2e emissions steel product, SSAB Zero. Chuck Schmitt, President of SSAB Americas, underlines SSAB's commitment to a science-based, data-driven approach in curbing CO2 emissions directly at the source. This aligns with SSAB's broader plan to commercialize SSAB Zero and transition its operations to be largely fossil-free by 2030.

GE Vernova, in its pursuit of a more sustainable future, incorporates SSAB Zero steel into its supply chain, contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint associated with renewable solutions in the onshore wind industry. Roger Martella, GE Vernova’s Chief Sustainability Officer, emphasizes the collaboration's role in advancing clean energy not only in generation but also in manufacturing and the supply chain.

Jeff Moskaluk, Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer for SSAB Americas, expresses satisfaction in having GE Vernova as a premier customer of SSAB Zero in North America. He highlights GE Vernova's leadership in the energy sector and its focus on decarbonization, making it an ideal partner for utilizing SSAB Zero in onshore wind towers.


In conclusion, the collaboration between SSAB and GE Vernova heralds a new era in sustainable onshore wind towers. The introduction of SSAB Zero™ steel signifies a crucial step towards minimizing carbon footprints in the onshore wind industry. This partnership not only aligns with GE Vernova's commitment to decarbonization but also positions SSAB Zero as a key contributor to cleaner and more efficient renewable energy solutions.

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