Ecotopia Unveiled: FerroSilva's Green Iron Revolution

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FerroSilva AB, supported by the Swedish Energy Agency with $3.25 million, advances its quest for fossil-free sponge iron production. The planned 50,000 metric ton per year plant in Hofors, Sweden, will utilize biomass-derived syngas to reduce iron ore, providing Ovako with a clean, sustainable raw material for advanced steel production. The five-year collaboration focuses on finalizing the plant's design and procurement groundwork, showcasing FerroSilva's commitment to eco-friendly steel manufacturing.


In a groundbreaking endeavor, FerroSilva AB takes strides towards revolutionizing the steel industry with its commitment to fossil-free sponge iron production. The Swedish Energy Agency's generous support of SEK 33.9 million propels FerroSilva's ambitious pre-study for a cutting-edge plant, set to redefine the landscape of sustainable steel manufacturing.

The planned facility, boasting a capacity of 50,000 metric tons per year, is slated for construction on Ovako's industrial premises in Hofors, Sweden. This strategic location aims to provide Ovako, a key player in advanced steel products, with access to an environmentally conscientious, fossil-free raw material.

The collaborative efforts between FerroSilva and Ovako have been underway for approximately five years, marking a sustained dedication to green innovation. At present, the focus is on crystallizing the final design and establishing the groundwork for procurement, a pivotal phase in bringing this visionary project to fruition.

Chairman of the board, Peter Samuelsson, emphasizes the significance of this undertaking, stating, "The work with FerroSilva has been going on for around five years, and right now, we are working on developing a final design and basis for procurement." This sentiment underscores the meticulous approach taken by FerroSilva in ensuring the success of this groundbreaking initiative.

FerroSilva's methodology sets a new standard in sustainable steel production. By utilizing by-products from forestry and agriculture, the company produces the essential gas required to reduce iron ore to sponge iron. This innovative approach replaces traditional pure scrap, offering a cleaner and more eco-friendly alternative for steel production, particularly in electric arc furnaces.

Notably, the collected biogenic carbon dioxide generated in the process holds multifaceted benefits. Partners of FerroSilva will repurpose this by-product to create fossil-free ship fuel, contributing to a broader ecosystem of sustainable practices in various industries.


FerroSilva's journey towards establishing a state-of-the-art plant for fossil-free sponge iron production marks a pivotal moment in the quest for eco-conscious steel manufacturing. With the support of the Swedish Energy Agency, this visionary project promises a cleaner, greener future for the steel industry, setting the stage for sustainable practices to become the norm.

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