EcoVenture: Lindab Pioneers SSAB’s Fossil-Free Steel

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Lindab takes a groundbreaking step in sustainable construction, delivering one kilometer of fossil-free steel ventilation ducts for an innovative project in Lund, Sweden. Partnering with SSAB and Skanska, Lindab utilizes HYBRIT® technology to produce the steel. This venture precedes regular production, set for 2026, showcasing Lindab's commitment to climate impact reduction. The 24,000 square meter building, managed by Vectura and aiming for LEED Gold certification, signifies a leap towards a more sustainable future.


In a bold move towards eco-friendly construction, Lindab, in collaboration with SSAB and Skanska, is set to revolutionize ventilation systems. The groundbreaking project in Lund, Sweden, managed by Vectura, is designed to be a symbol of innovation and sustainability, with Lindab contributing one kilometer of ventilation ducts made from fossil-free steel.

The fossil-free steel, sourced from SSAB using HYBRIT® technology, is a testament to Lindab's commitment to reducing climate impact. Remarkably, Lindab received a test delivery, allowing for the implementation of fossil-free steel several years before the anticipated regular production commencement in 2026.

The 24,000 square meter building, housing offices and research facilities, is not merely a construction project; it is a declaration of intent towards a more sustainable future. Vectura, managing the project, aims to achieve LEED Gold certification by adhering to stringent environmental standards, contributing significantly to the global sustainability agenda.

Ola Ringdahl, President and CEO of Lindab, expresses pride in Lindab's role, emphasizing the reduction of climate impact for both the company and its customers. Skanska's Vice President, Staffan Andersson, highlights the collaborative innovation between customers and suppliers, paving the way for groundbreaking solutions in the climate sector.

Matilda Isaksson, Sustainability Manager at Lindab, emphasizes the project's impact on the construction industry's sustainability, citing the use of SSAB's fossil-free steel in ventilation ducts as a tangible contribution. Patrik Lamberth, Project Manager at Vectura, envisions the building as a symbol of innovation, fostering new ideas and knowledge exchange.

This project serves as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in achieving ambitious environmental goals. By daring to pioneer new materials and technologies, Lindab, SSAB, Skanska, and Vectura set a precedent for future sustainable construction projects.

The installation of the fossil-free ventilation ducts and other ventilation products is entrusted to K Vent, further solidifying the collaborative efforts towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious construction industry.


In conclusion, Lindab's venture into providing fossil-free steel ventilation ducts for the innovative project in Lund marks a significant stride towards sustainable construction. This initiative, backed by SSAB and Skanska, exemplifies the power of innovation and collaboration in addressing climate impact. Lindab's early adoption of fossil-free steel showcases a commitment to reducing environmental footprints, with the project aiming for LEED Gold certification symbolizing a progressive leap towards a more sustainable future.

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