Efficiency Through Precision: Masteel's Mastery

MasteelImage Source: Baowu


Masteel Cold Rolling Plant exemplifies precision and efficiency by adhering to meticulous accounting operations. Their "Five Ones" approach focuses on minute details, aiming to compress time, reduce waste, and optimize processes. Through a real-time monitoring system and innovative solutions, they surpassed production targets, achieving heightened efficiency and reducing energy consumption.


In the wake of industry downturns, Masteel Cold Rolling Plant embraced a strategy emphasizing meticulous accounting operations and lean practices. Their commitment to efficiency led to a "small team" approach, targeting incremental improvements known as the "Five Ones." This methodology aimed to trim time, cut waste, and enhance operations from the minutest aspects.

Director Li Yongkang spearheaded an initiative at the acid rolling site, employing a stopwatch to minutely track production processes. Identifying a 17-second inefficiency between rolling thick gauge products and welding, Yongkang convened experts to brainstorm solutions. Their innovative adjustment, shifting loading instructions, compressed this idle period to 1 second, elevating output by 5 coils per shift, reducing energy consumption by 0.5%, and enhancing overall production efficiency.

This optimization strategy resulted in the acid rolling unit surpassing its monthly target, achieving an output of 181,500 metric tons in October, setting a new record. This success underscored the effectiveness of their approach and highlighted the importance of meticulous attention to operational details.


Masteel Cold Rolling Plant's commitment to meticulous accounting and precise operational adjustments exemplifies their dedication to efficiency. Through their "Five Ones" approach, focusing on minute optimizations, they not only surpassed production targets but also reduced energy consumption significantly. This success underscores the potency of detailed, targeted improvements in bolstering overall operational efficiency.

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