Effulgent Echoes: Vallourec's Seamless Transformation Tale

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Vallourec Deutschland's closure of two expansive Seamless Pipe Production Plants in Dusseldorf and Mulheim paves the way for a strategic partnership with Hilco Industrial Acquisitions. The latter, in collaboration with National Machinery Exchange, Inc., will facilitate the sale and project management of tube production assets. The sale, a consequence of the 2023 production halt, offers a golden opportunity for buyers seeking state-of-the-art machinery across diverse industrial applications.


In the wake of the cessation of operations at Vallourec's prominent Seamless Pipe Production Plants in Dusseldorf and Mulheim, a consequential chapter unfolds in the form of a strategic collaboration with Hilco Industrial Acquisitions. The Dutch-based company, a subsidiary of the US-based Hilco Global group, is set to oversee the sale and project management of Vallourec Deutschland's tube production assets.

The expansive scope of assets earmarked for sale primarily encompasses seamless pipe production infrastructure, echoing the industry's shift dynamics. Hilco Industrial Acquisitions, renowned for its adept handling of similar industrial transitions, has joined forces with National Machinery Exchange, Inc. to orchestrate this transformative sale. Interested buyers can peruse the listed assets on Hilco's dedicated website, hilcobid.com.

The closure of Vallourec's two German sites, Dusseldorf-Rath and Mulheim an der Ruhr, in late 2023, amplifies the significance of this sale. Robert Bouland, the Chief Executive of Hilco Industrial Acquisitions, deems this a remarkable opportunity for discerning buyers in search of modern, high-quality machinery. The applications span a gamut of industrial needs, including mechanical pipes, structural components, industrial-grade cylinder pipes, boiler heads, nuclear components for power generation, and OCTG for oil and gas purposes.

Delving into specifics, the assets from the Rath mill encompass a Danieli-built cross-rolling mill and a pilger mill rebuilt by SMS in 2012. Meanwhile, equipment from Mülheim an der Ruhr includes a rotary hearth furnace, mandrel furnace units, and ultrasonic testing equipment.


As the curtain rises on the sale of Vallourec Deutschland's tube production assets, a unique opportunity emerges for industry players seeking cutting-edge machinery. The collaboration between Vallourec and Hilco Industrial Acquisitions signals not just a transaction but a transformative moment in the industrial landscape. The array of assets on offer stands as a testament to the evolving needs of diverse sectors, promising a seamless transition for discerning buyers.

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