Electrifying Progress: ArcelorMittal's Green Fleet Initiative

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ArcelorMittal Sagunto secures a €22,800 grant from the European Union for the second phase of its vehicle fleet electrification project. The funding, allocated from the NextGenerationEU Fund under the Recovery Plan, supports the acquisition of Opel e-Corsa and e-Combo Life Electric vehicles. This move aligns with the MOVES III Vehicles Valencian Community Programme, showcasing the company's commitment to efficient and sustainable mobility.


In a significant stride towards sustainability, ArcelorMittal Sagunto proudly announces its receipt of a €22,800 grant from the European Union. This funding, designated for the second phase of the company's ambitious vehicle fleet electrification project, underscores ArcelorMittal's commitment to green mobility and environmental responsibility.

The grant, sourced from the NextGenerationEU Fund as part of the Recovery Plan, specifically supports the acquisition of Opel e-Corsa and e-Combo Life Electric vehicles. This strategic move falls within the framework of the MOVES III Vehicles Valencian Community Programme, an initiative by the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge. The program is managed by the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE) and aims to incentivize efficient and sustainable mobility practices.

Currently, ArcelorMittal Sagunto's electric vehicle fleet comprises the recently acquired 10 units, complementing the nine AMI models introduced in 2022. These vehicles serve not only the production departments but also personnel requiring transportation within the plant. This comprehensive approach aligns with the company's broader commitment to sustainability, demonstrated through initiatives like the Energy Management System with ISO 50001 certification and adherence to ResponsibleSteelTM and ISO 14001 standards.

The impact of this electrification initiative is anticipated to be substantial, with projections indicating a reduction of up to 10 metric tons of direct CO₂ emissions from corporate vehicle traffic within a year. While this figure may seem modest in the context of overall plant energy consumption, it signifies a tangible commitment to decarbonization and aligns with global efforts towards a greener future.


In conclusion, ArcelorMittal Sagunto's ongoing efforts in electrifying its vehicle fleet showcase a pioneering approach to sustainable mobility. The integration of electric vehicles, supported by EU funding, not only aligns with environmental goals but also positions the company as a leader in responsible corporate practices. As the fleet expands, the reduction in carbon emissions highlights a tangible step towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

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