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Tata Steel's Trostre
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Tata Steel's Trostre site in Wales achieves the highest AA+ food packaging standard rating from BRCGS, positioning it among the elite suppliers in the food industry. The rigorous unannounced audit showcased the site's commitment to stringent food safety standards, ensuring safety for critical ingredients like baby formula in steel packaging.


Tata Steel's Trostre site in Wales has attained the prestigious AA+ food packaging standard rating, marking it among the top-tier suppliers in the food industry. This rating, bestowed by BRCGS after an unannounced audit, highlights the site's unwavering commitment to ensuring the utmost safety standards in food packaging.

Howard Saxty, the Food Packaging Standards Quality Specialist at Tata Steel Trostre, emphasized the critical role of their packaging in safeguarding safety-critical ingredients, such as baby formula, for end-user customers. He stressed the non-negotiable adherence to stringent packaging food safe standards for their tinplate, an essential component in various canned goods.

Despite consistently achieving an AA rating in recent years, the site opted for unannounced audits, showcasing confidence in their robust food safety culture and operational procedures. Gemma Finn-Lewis, Tata Steel's Product and Process Development Manager at Trostre, highlighted the commitment to maintaining superior food safety standards.

Trostre's successful two-day audit resulted in the elevation to an AA+ rating, reflecting their dedication to ensuring food-safe packaging material. The decision to undergo unannounced audits sets them apart, giving them a competitive edge in the industry and reaffirming their commitment to quality and safety.

Joe Gallacher, the Works Manager, emphasized the criticality of certification in securing a position in the food packaging industry. The AA+ rating not only ensures customer confidence but also elevates Tata Steel as a preferred supplier due to its unwavering commitment to quality and professionalism across all levels.

Certification signifies Tata Steel's dedication to ensuring the highest food safety standards, making them a trusted supplier in the food packaging industry. The elite AA+ rating reflects their unwavering professionalism and commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards in packaging products.


Tata Steel's Trostre site's attainment of the AA+ food packaging standard rating underscores its unwavering dedication to upholding stringent food safety measures. This prestigious certification positions Tata Steel among the elite suppliers, assuring customers of uncompromising quality and safety in their packaging product

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