Embracing Green Steel: Purmo's Pioneering Stance

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Purmo Group partners with WWF Finland in a campaign advocating for eco-friendly steel production, crucial in reducing the steel industry's significant carbon footprint. With steel constituting half of Purmo's raw materials, the commitment to procure 140,000 metric tons of green steel signifies a pivotal step towards sustainable practices, urging others in the steel sector to join in.


Joining hands with WWF Finland, Purmo Group spearheads a crusade for sustainable steel production. The steel industry, responsible for 28% of industrial greenhouse gas emissions globally and 7-9% of climate-warming emissions, confronts a critical challenge in mitigating its environmental impact amid rising demand.

For companies like Purmo Group, steel is an integral element of their operations. As a proactive measure to curtail emissions, steel manufacturers are encouraged to transition from coal-based production to electric arc furnaces and hydrogen-based reduction, alongside augmenting the use of iron and scrap steel. This shift is aligned with embracing cleaner energy sources like wind and solar power to fuel electric-arc furnaces, an essential step in building an eco-friendly energy infrastructure.

Sam Hodlin, Head of Sustainability, Safety, and Well-being at Purmo Group, underscores the company's commitment. A binding agreement with H2 Green Steel to procure 140,000 metric tons of green steel between 2026-2033 marks a definitive stride towards eco-conscious production. Hodlin invites fellow steel industry players to partake in fostering a greener ethos for a cleaner future.

Bernt Nordman, Head of Climate program at WWF Finland, emphasizes the pivotal role of the steel industry in climate control. While technological solutions exist to curb emissions, the prevalence of investments in climate-degrading coal-based production remains a concern. Purmo Group's dedication to green steel procurement signifies leadership crucially needed across the steel sector.

The Ready for Green Steel campaign by WWF Finland spans until the close of 2023, urging collective action for sustainable steel practices. Detailed information about the campaign can be accessed via the "Ready for green steel" initiative.


Purmo Group's collaboration with WWF Finland in advocating for greener steel production heralds a crucial shift in the steel industry's environmental impact. By committing to procure substantial quantities of green steel, Purmo Group sets a precedent, urging collective responsibility and action across the steel sector for a sustainable future.

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