ENERGIRON® Triumph: Vulcan's Green Steel Paradigm

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In December 2023, Vulcan Green Steel embraced the cutting-edge ENERGIRON® technology for its revolutionary hydrogen-ready DRI plant in Oman's Duqm region. With an initial capacity of 2.5 million metric tons per year, the plant stands as a beacon of innovation in the steel industry. ENERGIRON® not only enables efficient natural gas use but also offers the flexibility to integrate up to 100% hydrogen. The plant, set for completion in 2026, embodies a dual-pronged approach, reducing emissions and introducing new revenue streams.


Vulcan Green Steel, in a strategic move, chose the state-of-the-art ENERGIRON® technology for its groundbreaking hydrogen-ready Direct Reduction Iron (DRI) plant in Duqm, Oman. This plant, slated for completion in 2026, signifies a significant leap in the steel industry's journey toward sustainability.

The hallmark of ENERGIRON® lies in its advanced technology, designed to be hydrogen-ready. It allows the utilization of natural gas as a reducing agent while offering flexibility to integrate up to 100% hydrogen, contingent on its availability. The DRI plant will commence operations using natural gas and progressively transition to higher hydrogen blends as they become feasible on-site.

Notably, ENERGIRON® goes beyond conventional capabilities with its single-module prowess. It facilitates the hot charging of an Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) at temperatures exceeding 600°C, leading to remarkable energy savings in the steelmaking process. Moreover, the plant, beyond its core function of direct reduction, will have the capability to produce Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI), enhancing its utility for storage or export.

The ENERGIRON® technology provides a dual benefit of CO₂ capture from the process, reducing overall plant emissions. In tandem with the EAF, it propels the green steel hub closer to carbon neutrality, enhancing environmental sustainability and introducing an additional revenue stream for plant operations.

The completion of the Duqm DRI Plant in 2026 represents a pivotal moment in the industry's quest for a cleaner and greener future. Mr. DK Saraogi, Projects Director at Vulcan Green Steel, emphasizes that this initiative is a flagship endeavor, positioning the steel industry at the forefront of the green transition.

Mr. Jorge Eugenio Martinez Miramontes, Tenova HYL Commercial Director, underscores the significance of the ENERGIRON® technology in the quest for decarbonization. He states, "This collaboration with Vulcan Green Steel epitomizes the steadfast commitment of ENERGIRON® to forge a path toward greener steel production, contributing to the collective goal of a cleaner world."


Vulcan Green Steel's adoption of ENERGIRON® technology heralds a new era in the steel industry's pursuit of sustainability. The plant's hydrogen-ready capability, energy-efficient processes, and dual benefits of CO₂ capture showcase a commitment to environmental responsibility. As the Duqm DRI Plant nears completion, it marks a pivotal moment in advancing cleaner and greener steel production. The collaboration signifies a collective commitment to forging a path toward sustainability and a cleaner world.

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