Energiron: Vulcan's Revolutionary Green Steel



Vulcan Green Steel, a division of Jindal Steel Group, partners with Energiron, a collaboration between Tenova and Danieli, for a cutting-edge direct reduction plant in Oman. This plant, set in Duqm, will fuel an electric steelmaking complex, leveraging natural gas and renewable energy for hydrogen production. The technology initially uses natural gas, gradually shifting to hydrogen, aiming for zero-carbon emissions, and expects completion by 2026.


Vulcan Green Steel, a branch of Jindal Steel Group, has sealed a pioneering deal with Energiron, developed by Tenova and Danieli, for a revolutionary direct reduction plant. Situated in Duqm, Sultanate of Oman, this plant marks a crucial step toward green steel production, tapping into natural gas and renewable energy sources for hydrogen conversion.

The Energiron direct reduction plant, a cutting-edge technology jointly crafted by Tenova and Danieli, plans to commence operations by using natural gas as a feed. As the plant matures, it will gradually incorporate hydrogen, blending it with the existing gas supply.

This singular module Energiron plant not only enables hot charging of the Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) with Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) at temperatures surpassing 600°C but also facilitates the production of Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI) for storage or export purposes, promising efficient steelmaking.

Designed with a hybrid capability, the Energiron technology stands as a significant step toward hydrogen-oriented steel production. Its flexibility allows the usage of natural gas alongside hydrogen, up to 100% hydrogen, or any mix depending on its availability, thereby optimizing the reduction process while minimizing carbon infusion in the DRI required during melting.

Additionally, the Energiron technology possesses a remarkable feature of capturing CO₂ emissions from the process, utilizing it for various applications. This innovative approach not only reduces the plant's overall carbon footprint but also generates additional revenue streams.

The targeted completion of the DRI plant in Duqm is set for 2026, marking a monumental leap toward sustainable and eco-friendly steel production in the region.


Vulcan Green Steel's collaboration with Energiron, a union between Tenova and Danieli, signifies a pivotal shift towards eco-conscious steel manufacturing. Through the innovative direct reduction plant in Oman, leveraging natural gas and renewable energy for hydrogen conversion, Vulcan anticipates a paradigm shift in steel production by striving for zero-carbon emissions by 2026. This strategic partnership showcases a commitment to revolutionize steelmaking, fostering sustainability and environmental responsibility.

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