Energizing Nucor: A Power Pact Unveiled

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West Virginia's Public Service Commission greenlights a decade-long power rate pact between Nucor Steel and Appalachian Power Company. The agreement entails supplying Nucor with 450,000 kilowatts of electricity, accompanied by a $149.5 million investment in transmission lines. The move signifies a strategic step towards powering Nucor's envisioned facility at Apple Grove, Mason County, fostering industrial growth and energy collaboration.


In a pivotal development, the West Virginia Public Service Commission has given its nod to a significant 10-year electric power rate contract between Nucor Steel of West Virginia LLC and Appalachian Power Company (APCo). This landmark agreement solidifies a strategic partnership aimed at energizing Nucor's operations and contributing to the state's industrial growth.

The crux of the contract revolves around APCo providing Nucor with a substantial electric power supply, amounting to 450,000 kilowatts. This sizeable provision underscores a commitment to meeting the energy demands of Nucor's operations, ensuring a reliable and sustained power source for the foreseeable future.

As part of this comprehensive collaboration, Appalachian Power Company is set to embark on a significant infrastructure investment. The power company will allocate $149.5 million towards the construction of transmission lines. These transmission lines will be instrumental in efficiently delivering the generated electricity to Nucor's intended location at Apple Grove in Mason County, West Virginia.

The strategic positioning of Nucor's planned facility at Apple Grove holds economic implications for the region. The infusion of significant electricity supply and the development of necessary infrastructure are poised to catalyze industrial growth in Mason County. Nucor's presence, coupled with a reliable power supply, contributes to the region's economic landscape, fostering job creation and overall development.

The collaborative efforts between Nucor Steel and Appalachian Power Company exemplify a proactive approach to addressing the energy needs of burgeoning industries. The contract's 10-year horizon underscores a commitment to long-term sustainability and partnership in fostering economic and industrial advancement.

In navigating the complexities of energy-intensive industries, securing a reliable and cost-effective power supply is paramount. The agreement between Nucor and APCo reflects a mutual understanding of the integral role electricity plays in sustaining and expanding industrial operations. By forging this strategic partnership, both entities position themselves at the forefront of promoting economic vitality and energy efficiency.


In conclusion, the approval of the 10-year electric power rate contract marks a significant milestone in the collaboration between Nucor Steel and Appalachian Power Company. This partnership not only addresses Nucor's energy requirements but also signifies a commitment to fostering economic growth in the region. The substantial investment in transmission lines underscores the dedication to providing a robust and reliable power supply, essential for sustaining industrial operations and catalyzing development. As Nucor's envisioned facility takes shape in Mason County, this collaboration sets the stage for a harmonious blend of industrial progress and energy sustainability.

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