Energizing Tomorrow: Salzgitter's Green Power Surge

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The Salzgitter industrial power line, set to commence construction this quarter, signifies a pivotal step in the city's sustainable energy future. By 2026, this project aims to deliver substantial quantities of green electricity, playing a crucial role in Salzgitter AG's eco-friendly steel production. With the support of power grid operators Tennet and Avacon, this initiative aligns with the region's commitment to climate-neutral processes, impacting major players like Salzgitter AG and Volkswagen AG's PowerCo SE.


In a transformative leap toward sustainable energy practices, the Salzgitter industrial power line project is poised to kickstart construction in the current quarter. This initiative, spearheaded by power grid operators Tennet and Avacon, heralds a significant stride in Salzgitter's journey towards a greener and more environmentally conscious future.

Scheduled for completion by 2026, the industrial power line holds the promise of ushering large volumes of green electricity into the heart of Salzgitter. This, in turn, is anticipated to play a decisive role in the production processes of Salzgitter AG, a key player in the steel manufacturing sector. The initiative aligns seamlessly with Salzgitter AG's commitment to achieving almost climate-neutral steel production.

Gunnar Groebler, Chief Executive of Salzgitter AG, emphasizes the critical importance of the timely completion of the Salzgitter industrial line. He sees it as a linchpin in the success of their transformative journey towards climate-neutral steel production. The initiative not only underscores the company's dedication to environmental sustainability but also positions Salzgitter AG at the forefront of the green industrial revolution.

Marten Bunnemann, CEO of Avacon AG, accentuates the essential role of grid expansion in tandem with the growth of renewable energies. Avacon's 110 kV line is strategically strengthening the Salzgitter grid node, ensuring the seamless provision of power for the entire Salzgitter region. This collaborative effort between power grid operators and industrial giants reflects a holistic approach to sustainable development.

The impact of the Salzgitter industrial power line extends beyond Salzgitter AG, encompassing influential players like Volkswagen AG's unit, PowerCo SE. The region is witnessing the establishment of a large battery cell plant, aligning with the broader transformation in the automotive industry. Sebastian Wolf, Chief Operating Officer of PowerCo SE, emphasizes their commitment to utilizing renewable energy sources for sustainable battery cell production.

As construction commences on the Salzgitter industrial power line, it serves as a beacon of progress, symbolizing the region's dedication to sustainable energy practices. The collaborative efforts of power grid operators, industry leaders, and regional stakeholders set the stage for a future where green electricity becomes the driving force behind climate-friendly and future-proof industrial processes.


The Salzgitter industrial power line project unfolds as a transformative endeavor, signaling a new era of sustainable energy practices for the city and its industrial players. With construction set to commence this quarter, the initiative holds the key to delivering substantial amounts of green electricity to power the region's industrial landscape. Salzgitter AG, at the forefront of climate-neutral steel production, anticipates the line's timely completion as instrumental to its transformative journey. Avacon's grid expansion efforts further fortify the region's infrastructure, ensuring power provision for Salzgitter's sustainable future. As major industry players, including PowerCo SE, align their operations with renewable energy sources, the Salzgitter industrial power line becomes a linchpin in the broader narrative of eco-friendly and future-proof industrial practices.

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