EnviroForge: Nippon Steel's Carbon-Neutral Triumph

NSCarbolex Neutral
NSCarbolex NeutralImage Source: Nippon Steel


Nippon Steel Corporation proudly unveils the integration of their low CO₂ steel, "NSCarbolex™ Neutral," in Nittetsu Bolten's groundbreaking ultra-high-strength bolts. These bolts, boasting 1.5 times the strength of conventional ones, not only streamline construction but also trim steel frame weight. Recognized for curbing CO₂ emissions from fabrication to installation, the adoption of "NSCarbolex Neutral" further elevates their eco-friendliness. This collaboration aligns with Nippon Steel's commitment to supporting decarbonization, enhancing competitiveness, and fostering a carbon-neutral society.


In a stride towards forging a sustainable future, Nippon Steel Corporation heralds a pivotal development in their eco-conscious endeavors. The spotlight falls on the integration of their cutting-edge low CO₂ steel, "NSCarbolex™ Neutral," into Nittetsu Bolten's revolutionary ultra-high-strength bolts—a move set to redefine the landscape of construction materials.

Nittetsu Bolten's "Torsia Type Super High Strength Bolt SHTB" emerges as a standout, showcasing a remarkable 1.5 times the strength of conventional bolts like the S10T. Beyond mere strength, this characteristic translates into a reduction in the number of bolts required during construction, concurrently slashing the weight of steel frames by minimizing the size of bracing plates. The ripple effect extends to construction efficiency, with reduced man-hours adding another layer of appeal. Notably, the product earns accolades for its prowess in curtailing CO₂ emissions, spanning the entire spectrum from steel frame fabrication to on-site installation.

The game-changing move involves the adoption of the low-CO₂ steel material "NSCarbolex Neutral" as the foundational material for these ultra-high-strength bolts. This strategic alignment promises to amplify the environmental and user-friendly attributes of the bolts, reinforcing their stance as pioneers in sustainable construction solutions.

Nippon Steel Corporation, committed to driving decarbonization, enhances competitiveness, and fostering a carbon-neutral society, remains steadfast in delivering their eco-innovations. The "NSCarbolex Neutral" and its counterpart "NSCarbolex Solution" continue to spearhead this transformative journey, with products like the "Torsia Type Super High Strength Bolt SHTB" standing as exemplars of the NSCarbolex Solution lineup.

As Nippon Steel's eco-friendly initiatives gain traction, the integration of "NSCarbolex Neutral" into Nittetsu Bolten's ultra-high-strength bolts marks a triumphant step towards a greener, more sustainable construction landscape.


The fusion of Nippon Steel's "NSCarbolex™ Neutral" with Nittetsu Bolten's groundbreaking ultra-high-strength bolts signals a paradigm shift in the realm of construction materials. This synergistic alliance not only enhances the strength and efficiency of the bolts but also champions eco-friendliness. Nittetsu Bolten's "Torsia Type Super High Strength Bolt SHTB," now fortified by the environmentally conscious "NSCarbolex Neutral," becomes a beacon of sustainability, reducing both construction complexity and carbon footprint. As Nippon Steel continues to champion decarbonization and contribute to a carbon-neutral society, this collaboration exemplifies the transformative power of innovation in shaping a greener future.

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