Environmental Transparency: AFV Beltrame's EPD Declarations

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AFV Beltrame Group achieves a milestone in environmental transparency with updated EPD Declarations. Covering six products, including hot rolled merchant bars, concrete reinforcing bars, and industrial aggregate, the EPDs offer certified insights into their environmental impact. This move aligns with global standards, promoting sustainability and accountability in the industry.


In a commitment to environmental accountability, AFV Beltrame Group has successfully updated its EPD Declarations, marking a significant step in fostering transparency and sustainability. These declarations encompass a range of products, each scrutinized through a Life-Cycle-Assessment (LCA) study, providing a comprehensive overview of their environmental footprint.

The six products under the spotlight include hot rolled merchant bars from both Italian and French mills, concrete reinforcing bars from the French plant, and industrial aggregate from the Italian plant. The EPD Declarations, validated by a third party in adherence to ISO 14025 and EN 15804 standards, offer a detailed breakdown of the products' environmental impacts based on the Product Category Rules (PCR) of the respective sectors.

Central to the EPD Declarations are sets of indicators that vividly portray the environmental performance of these products throughout their life cycle. Among these indicators is the crucial measure of Global Warming Potential (GWP), quantifying the emissions contributing to global warming. This holistic approach ensures that stakeholders and consumers have access to verified data, facilitating informed choices in support of sustainability.

The accessibility of these EPDs is further simplified through direct downloads from the Programme Operator's website, specifically the "International EPD System." This user-friendly approach aligns with the broader goal of promoting transparency and empowering individuals and organizations to make environmentally conscious decisions.


AFV Beltrame's diligent completion and publication of updated EPD Declarations underscore its commitment to environmental stewardship. By adhering to global standards and providing accessible insights, the group contributes to a more sustainable and transparent future for the industry.

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