EPD: Dillinger's Sustainable Steel Drive

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Dillinger launches a new Environmental Product Declaration for their heavy plate steel, emphasizing their commitment to eco-friendly steel production. This declaration, aligned with international standards, aims to provide customers with clear environmental data, aiding in their efforts to reduce carbon footprints.


Dillinger, dedicated to cutting-edge and eco-conscious steel production, invests consistently in its Dillingen and Dunkirk sites. Prioritizing sustainable practices and high social standards, they've long emphasized transparent communication of their environmental impacts. With over 15 years of representation in Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), Dillinger now introduces a new one, focused specifically on their heavy plate steel. This EPD adheres to ISO 14025 and EN 15804+A2 standards, offering precise and accessible environmental data to European customers.

At the core of Dillinger's ethos lies a deep commitment to sustainable practices. Looking ahead, their aim is to further assist customers in reducing their own carbon footprints using Dillinger's products. The introduction of "Pure Steel+" epitomizes their envisioned transformation project, a shift towards greener, CO₂-reduced steel. This initiative signifies Dillinger's proactive steps to revamp production processes, emphasizing sustainability and resource conservation.

Dillinger's new Environmental Product Declaration specifically for heavy plate steel is a testament to their ongoing dedication to environmental transparency. Aligned with global standards, this declaration ensures customers have access to comprehensive and scientifically-backed environmental information, empowering them to make informed, eco-conscious choices.

Conclusion: Dillinger's unveiling of a focused Environmental Product Declaration for heavy plate steel underscores their unwavering commitment to sustainability. With a clear emphasis on providing precise environmental data, Dillinger aims to support customers in their efforts to reduce carbon footprints. This initiative marks a pivotal step towards a greener, more sustainable steel production journey.

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