ESA: Billion-Dollar Pact: Foulath's Ore Odyssey

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In a landmark deal, Foulath Holding Group inked a colossal $2 billion iron ore pellet supply agreement with Emirates Steel Company on behalf of Bahrain Steel Company. The five-year pact, a monumental stride since the companies' integrated industrial partnership, entails Bahrain Steel providing top-tier iron ore pellets to Emirates Steel, solidifying a strategic alliance in the steel industry.


In a momentous stride for the steel industry, Foulath Holding Group has orchestrated a historic $2 billion iron ore pellet supply agreement with Emirates Steel Company, acting on behalf of its subsidiary, Bahrain Steel Company. This groundbreaking pact, signed by Dilip George, Group CEO of Foulath Holding, and Saeed Al Ghaferi, CEO of Emirates Steel, signifies a pivotal juncture in the integrated industrial partnership between these industry giants.

The terms of the agreement outline a strategic collaboration over the next five years, during which Bahrain Steel will be the exclusive supplier of high-quality iron ore pellets to Emirates Steel. This accord not only solidifies the enduring partnership between Foulath Holding and Emirates Steel but also establishes one of the largest agreements in the steel sector, underlining the magnitude of the collaboration.

The iron ore pellets supplied by Bahrain Steel are poised to play a critical role in bolstering the production capabilities of Emirates Steel. The commitment to delivering high-quality materials reflects the shared dedication to excellence and innovation within the steel manufacturing process. This symbiotic relationship is not just a transaction but a strategic alignment aimed at fostering mutual growth and resilience in the competitive steel market.

As both companies navigate the dynamic landscape of the steel industry, this agreement serves as a testament to their commitment to long-term collaboration and shared success. The $2 billion deal is not merely a financial transaction but a strategic investment in the future of steel production, emphasizing the significance of sustainable and robust supply chains.


The $2 billion iron ore pellet supply agreement between Foulath Holding Group and Emirates Steel Company, facilitated by Bahrain Steel Company, marks a historic collaboration in the steel industry. Beyond the financial magnitude, this pact underscores a strategic commitment to innovation, excellence, and mutual growth. The next five years are poised to witness a flourishing partnership that goes beyond mere transactions, emphasizing the shared vision of a resilient and thriving steel sector.

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