EU-US Dispute Hampers Climate Accord

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The failure of the EU-US Trade Council meeting signals a significant setback in resolving trade disputes and advancing climate initiatives before COP28. Eurofer warns that without a Global Arrangement on Sustainable Steel, the steel industry's decarbonization and fair trade goals remain jeopardized.


The recent EU Trade Council meeting underscores the widening gap between the EU and the US in resolving trade disputes and advancing climate protection efforts. As both entities continue to grapple with trade disagreements, especially concerning the Global Arrangement on Sustainable Steel, the prospects for a comprehensive agreement before COP28 remain bleak.

Eurofer, the European Steel Association, has strongly criticized the failure to reach a resolution before COP28, warning that this impediment threatens the steel industry's aspirations for decarbonization and equitable trade practices. The absence of a comprehensive Global Arrangement on Sustainable Steel hampers efforts toward global climate initiatives and equitable trade standards.

In light of the missed opportunity, Eurofer stresses the critical need for the EU and the US to bridge their differences, emphasizing the urgency of a unified approach toward climate-focused agreements. The absence of an effective accord not only jeopardizes the steel industry's decarbonization endeavors but also raises concerns about global climate and trade diplomacy.

Eurofer's Director General, Axel Eggert, highlights the vital role of a Global Arrangement in combating overcapacity and carbon intensity in the steel industry. Failure to establish this arrangement risks locking in high carbon emissions, undermining global decarbonization objectives.


The European Union and the United States face challenges in aligning their trade policies to foster sustainability and fair trade practices. The absence of a comprehensive agreement poses risks not only to the steel industry's environmental goals but also to broader global efforts toward climate protection. Amidst these challenges, Eurofer urges both parties to swiftly resolve differences, stressing the critical need for an inclusive Global Arrangement that aligns with climate goals and fosters fair trade practices. The failure to reach a consensus undermines the collective effort toward a sustainable, decarbonized steel industry.

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