EUROMETA,s Pioneering Path: CO₂ Neutral Steel Unveiled"

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EUROMETAL releases an annual whitepaper, this year focusing on sustainability and decarbonization within the steel industry. Titled "Towards a CO₂-Neutral Steel - The Current Situation," it examines green steel concepts, alternative production methods, EU emissions trading systems, marketing low-emission steels, and the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism's role in scrutinizing imported CO₂ emissions.


EUROMETAL's latest whitepaper delves into the critical facets of achieving CO₂-neutral steel production. Covering topics from innovative production methods to navigating regulatory landscapes, the document aims to spotlight the hurdles and opportunities in the European steel sector's journey towards sustainability.

The steel industry confronts monumental challenges in embracing environmentally responsible practices. EUROMETAL's comprehensive whitepaper seeks to unravel these complexities by exploring diverse avenues, including innovative production technologies and the evolving legislative framework concerning CO₂ emissions.

The document meticulously dissects the landscape of green steel, dissecting alternative production techniques and strategies for marketing low-emission steel variants. Additionally, it delves into the EU's emissions trading system, essential for comprehending the regulatory context shaping the industry's decarbonization trajectory.

Among its chapters, the whitepaper navigates the intricate territory of Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) implications on imported CO₂ emissions. By addressing these critical elements, EUROMETAL endeavors to enlighten stakeholders on the challenges and possibilities in steering the European steel industry towards carbon neutrality.

EUROMETAL's dedication to shedding light on the European steel industry's environmental transformation underscores the urgency and importance of sustainable practices. With a meticulous exploration of technological innovations and regulatory frameworks, the whitepaper sets a roadmap for a greener, more sustainable future.


EUROMETAL's whitepaper serves as a beacon, illuminating the multifaceted aspects of achieving CO₂-neutral steel. By dissecting technological innovations and regulatory frameworks, it provides a roadmap for the European steel industry's sustainable evolution. This comprehensive guide underscores the industry's commitment to addressing environmental challenges and embracing a future anchored in carbon-neutral steel production.

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