EVR JV Transition: Steel’s Dynamic Shuffle

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Nippon Steel's strategic agreement reshapes EVR JV, selling 77% to Glencore, holding 20% itself, and with 3% owned by POSCO. The $1.34 billion deal solidifies Nippon Steel’s equity-method partnership with EVR JV, empowering it in decision-making and securing long-term steelmaking coal procurement through an offtake rights agreement.


Nippon Steel’s recent move involves a strategic restructuring of EVR JV, a significant player in the steelmaking coal business. This transaction entails the sale of a majority stake, 77%, to Glencore plc, while retaining a 20% interest and allocating a 3% stake to POSCO. The sale's financial details and broader implications signal an impactful shift in the dynamics of the steel industry.

With the completion of this deal, EVR JV now stands as an equity-method affiliate of Nippon Steel. The agreement also extends Nippon Steel's influence in pivotal decision-making within the steelmaking coal domain. This strategic positioning enables active involvement and influence over critical business aspects.

Furthermore, as part of this restructuring, Nippon Steel solidifies its long-term procurement strategy through an offtake rights agreement with EVR JV. This agreement ensures stable access to steelmaking coal, a crucial raw material, fostering sustainability and continuity in their production processes.

The transaction's financial intricacies and the collaboration between major industry players like Glencore, Nippon Steel, and POSCO exemplify a strategic realignment aimed at enhancing operational efficiencies, consolidating market positions, and securing essential resources for sustainable growth.

Nippon Steel’s strengthened ties with EVR JV not only fortify its foothold in the steelmaking coal sector but also pave the way for informed decisions, streamlined operations, and sustained growth in the competitive steel industry landscape.

This strategic restructuring marks a significant step for Nippon Steel, establishing a robust foundation for enhanced collaboration, resource security, and strategic decision-making in the ever-evolving steelmaking coal domain.


Nippon Steel's strategic maneuvering in restructuring EVR JV, involving Glencore and POSCO, signifies a profound shift in the steel industry's dynamics. This deal not only solidifies Nippon Steel's stake but also positions it strategically for impactful decision-making and ensures stable access to vital resources for sustained growth.

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