Evraz Regina Employees Test Positive for COVID 19

Evraz Regina Employees Test Positive for COVID 19

Local media reported that at least five employees have tested positive for COVID 19 and a couple of dozen others are isolating due to potential exposure

at Evraz NA’s Regina steel mill in Canada. The company was notified of the first case at the steel mill a little over two weeks ago, another case followed about a week after that. This week, three additional employees tested positive.

Evraz’s director of communications and government affairs Patrick Waldron told media “This is a continually developing situation. Health and safety of our employees is our highest priority and we have been closely tracking potential exposures that would result in employees quarantining like so many of us have throughout this pandemic. Operations are containing as they have throughout the pandemic. Employees are required to wear masks at work and are strongly encouraged to uphold that practice and others to mitigate the spread of the virus when away from work.”

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