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POSCO’s Lithium Leap
POSCO’s Lithium LeapImage Source: POSCO


POSCO Group seals its position as a significant eco-material producer by unveiling its maiden lithium plant for rechargeable batteries. With ventures into lithium extraction and high-efficiency steel production, the company stands poised to drive Korea's competitiveness and global market presence in green vehicles.


POSCO, a key player in the realm of eco-friendly materials, achieved a milestone by completing its inaugural lithium plant for rechargeable batteries. CEO Jeong-woo Choi highlighted the strategic significance, emphasizing the company's establishment of a comprehensive value chain for battery core materials, propelling it into the global arena.

The recent completion of the lithium hydroxide plant in Jollanam-do marks a pivotal moment for POSCO Group. As the inaugural production site, it positions the company as Korea's premier producer of primary raw materials for rechargeable batteries. The venture, a collaboration between POSCO Holdings and Pilbara Minerals, targets an annual production capacity of 43,000 metric tons by 2024, adequately fueling the creation of 1 million electric vehicles.

Simultaneously, the group unveiled its maiden Hyper NO plant with an annual output of 150,000 metric tons. This initiative, aimed at meeting the surging demand for steel in green vehicles and premium appliances, aligns with POSCO’s endeavor to enhance global industrial competitiveness.

At the plant’s completion ceremony, CEO Jeong-woo Choi underscored POSCO’s pioneering stance in producing lithium core materials domestically, aligning with their strategic production of high-efficiency electrical steel sheets. The company foresees playing a pivotal role in the global green vehicle market, augmenting Korea's industrial prowess.

POSCO's proprietary lithium extraction technology stands as a testament to its domestic production success, contributing significantly to Korea's battery material supply chain. Moreover, the company anticipates benefits from the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) due to its localized manufacturing process, a move that fosters stability and supply security.

Further expansion plans for the Hyper NO plant aim to fortify the supply chain, alleviating concerns of potential material shortages for green vehicles in Korea. This endeavor bolsters industrial competitiveness and sets the stage for future global market expansion.


POSCO Group’s strategic initiatives, spanning lithium production, steel advancement, and plans for expanded global presence, signify a remarkable leap towards fostering a sustainable and competitive future. The company's multifaceted approach to battery material production aligns with its commitment to eco-mobility, solidifying its pivotal role in the evolving landscape of green vehicle technologies.

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