Explosion at Sunflag Iron Plant

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An explosion at Sunflag Iron and Steel plant injured three workers in Bhandara district. The incident, occurring in the MHF unit, led to burns for three individuals, while eight others sustained minor injuries, prompting an investigation into the cause.


An explosion rocked Sunflag Iron and Steel plant in Warthi village, causing injuries to three workers and minor harm to eight others in Mohadi taluka of Bhandara district. The incident, located in the MHF unit of the SMS Department, resulted in burns for Technician Namdev Zanzad, engineer Sagar Gabhne, and contractual labor Hatwar, who have been shifted to Nagpur for treatment. Their condition is reportedly stable.

The exact cause behind the explosion in the heating furnace remains unclear, prompting an ongoing investigation into the incident. While the three seriously injured individuals are now deemed out of danger, the company and authorities are working to ascertain the factors leading to the explosion.

The injured workers received immediate medical attention, with those sustaining minor injuries released after primary treatment. Authorities are taking proactive measures to understand the root cause of the explosion to prevent such incidents in the future, ensuring a safer working environment for all employees.

This unfortunate occurrence at the Sunflag Iron and Steel plant highlights the significance of stringent safety protocols in industrial settings. Investigations into the incident aim to uncover the precise circumstances that led to the explosion, prioritizing the prevention of such accidents in the future.


The explosion at Sunflag Iron and Steel plant resulting in injuries to workers emphasizes the critical need for robust safety measures in industrial settings. Investigations are ongoing to understand the cause, aiming to prevent similar incidents. This event underscores the imperative nature of maintaining a safe working environment for all employees involved in industrial operations.

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