Fiscal Transition: Jindal Steel's CFO Resigns

Ramkumar Ramaswamy
Ramkumar RamaswamyImage Source: Oreaco


Jindal Steel & Power witnesses a financial shift as CFO Ramkumar Ramaswamy resigns for personal reasons after two years of service. Effective January 31, 2024, Sunil Agrawal, a seasoned Chartered Accountant with nearly 31 years of corporate finance experience within the company, steps in as the interim Chief Financial Officer.


In a recent development, Jindal Steel & Power discloses the resignation of its Chief Financial Officer, Ramkumar Ramaswamy, citing personal reasons after a dedicated two-year tenure. The departure is set to take effect from January 31, 2024, prompting the company to undergo a temporary leadership transition.

Taking the reins in the interim is Sunil Kumar Agrawal, a stalwart Chartered Accountant with an extensive track record of nearly three decades in corporate finance. Agrawal, who has been an integral part of the organization since May 1993, boasts a diverse career trajectory, spanning across various divisions such as machinery, mining, and power. Currently serving as the Head of Group Accounts, Agrawal has been at the forefront of critical projects, demonstrating his financial acumen and leadership capabilities.

The company, in its regulatory filing, expressed gratitude for Ramkumar Ramaswamy's contributions during his tenure. Meanwhile, the appointment of Sunil Agrawal in the interim role reflects the company's commitment to maintaining financial stability and continuity during this transitional period.


Jindal Steel & Power navigates a period of financial transition with the resignation of CFO Ramkumar Ramaswamy. Sunil Agrawal's appointment as the interim Chief Financial Officer underscores the company's strategic approach to ensure seamless financial operations and leadership continuity.

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