Fives Group Fuels Vardhman's Steel Ambitions

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Fives Group, a French machinery industry leader, is set to supply a cutting-edge reheating furnace to Vardhman Special Steels in India. This strategic move aims to enhance productivity, localize production, and expand the business footprint in Asia and Europe. With a planned annual capacity of 300,000 metric tons, the furnace promises to meet growing demands from automotive manufacturers for high-quality special steel billets. The collaboration signifies a transformative step for Vardhman and underscores Fives Group's role in catalyzing steel innovation.


In a significant collaboration, Fives Group, the renowned French machinery industry giant, has unveiled plans to provide Vardhman Special Steels, an Indian special and alloy steel manufacturer, with an advanced reheating furnace. The Ludhiana plant in Punjab, India, will be the recipient of this cutting-edge technology, signaling a new chapter in Vardhman's steel production capabilities.

The forthcoming furnace boasts an impressive production capacity of 45 metric tons per hour, propelling the Ludhiana plant's annual productivity to a formidable 300,000 metric tons. This strategic upgrade is poised to drive localized production and facilitate business expansion across Asian and European markets.

Scheduled for its inaugural production of the first billet in April 2025, the furnace is envisioned as a catalyst for Vardhman Special Steels to meet the evolving demands of automobile manufacturers. By enabling the reheating of special steel billets rolled into bars, the furnace positions itself as a solution to deliver high-quality products, aligning seamlessly with the increasingly stringent requirements of the automotive industry.

The collaboration between Fives Group and Vardhman Special Steels signifies a transformative journey for the Indian steel manufacturer. Beyond the enhancement of production capacities, the partnership highlights a commitment to innovation and the adoption of state-of-the-art technology to stay abreast of industry demands.

This strategic move is poised to elevate Vardhman's standing in the steel market, fostering growth opportunities and bolstering competitiveness. The increased annual capacity and localized production capabilities position Vardhman Special Steels to navigate the dynamic landscape of the steel industry, particularly in response to the escalating needs of the automotive sector.

As the Ludhiana plant gears up for the installation and commissioning of the reheating furnace, industry observers anticipate the positive ripple effects on Vardhman's market presence and the broader implications for steel manufacturing in the region. The collaboration between Fives Group and Vardhman Special Steels stands as a testament to the role of innovation and strategic partnerships in propelling the steel industry toward a future of sustained growth.


Fives Group's commitment to supplying Vardhman Special Steels with a cutting-edge reheating furnace marks a significant stride in the evolution of steel manufacturing. With increased production capacity and the ability to meet stringent quality standards, Vardhman is well-positioned for growth and expansion. As the Ludhiana plant embraces this transformative technology, the collaboration underscores the pivotal role of innovation and strategic partnerships in navigating the evolving landscape of the steel industry. The furnace's scheduled debut in April 2025 signals a promising future for Vardhman and a testament to Fives Group's contribution to advancing steel production capabilities.

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