Flintstone Tech's Windward Voyage

Flintstone Technology
Flintstone TechnologyImage Source: Flintstone Technology


West Flemish's Bekaert acquired the majority stake in Scottish firm Flintstone Technology, specialized in wind turbine anchoring. Flintstone's offerings, vital for offshore windfarms, include connectors and tension systems. Bekaert anticipates surging demand due to emerging offshore windfarms, aligning Flintstone's tech with Bekaert's MoorLine synthetic cables for an integrated anchoring solution.


In a recent acquisition move, West Flemish steel wire producer Bekaert secured a significant stake in Flintstone Technology, a Scottish-based company renowned for its expertise in providing essential materials for anchoring wind turbines in offshore windfarms. The acquisition marks a strategic alignment for both companies in the renewable energy sector. Bekaert highlighted Flintstone's diverse portfolio encompassing connectors and tension systems crucial for securing turbines in floating offshore windfarms.

The synergy between Bekaert and Flintstone Technology is projected to address the burgeoning demand anticipated in the emerging sector of floating offshore windfarms. The Scottish company's innovative connectors and tensioning systems, combined with Bekaert's MoorLine synthetic cables, are poised to offer customers a comprehensive synthetic anchoring solution. This acquisition bolsters the potential for a seamless integration of these technologies, promising a robust and efficient system for wind turbine anchorage in offshore environments.

With the collective expertise and complementary product offerings, this collaboration envisages a significant contribution to the evolving landscape of renewable energy. Bekaert's strategic investment in Flintstone Technology signifies a pivotal step in harnessing cutting-edge technologies for sustainable and efficient wind turbine anchoring solutions.


Bekaert's acquisition of Flintstone Technology propels an innovative fusion of expertise and technology, ushering in a new era of comprehensive synthetic anchoring solutions for offshore windfarms. This strategic move aligns with the burgeoning demand in the renewable energy sector, promising a seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies to drive sustainable energy solutions.

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