Forge Ahead: Ma Steel's Steelmaking Triumph

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Ma Steel achieves a significant breakthrough in steel production with the successful trial of its innovative "One-Key Precision Control Model" for converter steelmaking. This marks a crucial step in Ma Steel's intelligent steelmaking initiative, a key component of the Baowu Steel Industry Brain's strategic plan. The entire converter steelmaking process, from blowing to argon treatment, is seamlessly controlled through intelligent automation, reinforcing Ma Steel's commitment to modernizing large-scale converter smelting.


In a recent triumph, Ma Steel's Four Steel Rolling Plant announces a groundbreaking achievement in converter steelmaking. The newly developed "One-Key Precision Control Model" for converter steelmaking, a pioneering initiative by Ma Steel, has successfully completed its full-scale trial, signifying a significant advancement in Ma Steel's journey towards intelligent steelmaking.

As part of Baowu Steel's strategic plan, Ma Steel embarked on a year-long exploration to integrate artificial intelligence with steelmaking processes. By the end of 2023, various major processes in converter smelting had achieved full automation, including one-key steelmaking, automatic steel tapping, alloy addition, slag pouring, and splash prevention. These milestones laid a robust foundation for the successful trial of the "One-Key Precision Control Model" for full-cycle converter smelting.

The development of the "One-Key Precision Control Model" saw the collaborative efforts of Ma Steel's Operations Improvement Department and the Steelmaking Intelligence Team. Through close coordination in production, equipment, and automation technology, the team tackled various technical challenges. The development process yielded several technological achievements, including real-time video linkage for full-cycle converter smelting, AI-aided recognition for effective slag-blocking cone throttling, precise detection of steel slag based on real-time temperature, automatic slag pouring based on angle determination using "cloud data three-dimensional modeling + triple integration + AI recognition," and more. Multiple patent applications have been filed based on these innovations.

The full-cycle one-key smelting project, developed in-house, bridges gaps in intelligent control and independent development for various processes in converter smelting. By constructing the "One-Key" model, the entire converter production process, from blowing to argon station treatment, is intelligently and seamlessly controlled. The model aligns with modernization goals, achieving stable and precise control throughout the entire converter smelting process. Through equipment upgrades and leveraging big data analysis, the model enhances control levels, detection capabilities, and monitoring accuracy. Ultimately, the "One-Key Precision Control Model" significantly improves efficiency, reduces costs, and enhances the quality of initial molten steel in the converter process.

Ma Steel's successful trial of the "One-Key Precision Control Model" is not just a phase accomplishment but also marks the beginning of a new journey guided by the principles of the "Four Modernizations." This heralds a new era in Ma Steel's pursuit of technological innovation, intelligent steelmaking, and continuous improvement.


Ma Steel's pioneering efforts in achieving a successful trial of the "One-Key Precision Control Model" represent a significant leap in the quest for intelligent steelmaking. This breakthrough underscores Ma Steel's commitment to advancing technological frontiers in converter steelmaking and positions the company at the forefront of the steel industry's technological evolution.

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