Forge in Flux: ArcelorMittal Contemplates Furnace Closure: Report

ArcelorMittal Spain
ArcelorMittal SpainImage Source: ArcelorMittal Spain


ArcelorMittal Spain, a wing of the global steel giant, is considering the closure of blast furnace A at its Asturias plant in Gijon starting April 1. Citing sluggish demand and a surge in non-EU imports, the potential shutdown is embedded in the company's 2024 plans. While a definitive decision is pending, the move aims to navigate market challenges with minimal impact on employment and operations.


In response to challenging market dynamics, ArcelorMittal Spain, a subsidiary of the renowned steelmaker ArcelorMittal, is mulling over the potential closure of blast furnace A at its Asturias plant in Gijon. The contemplation arises from a combination of weak demand and a notable influx of imports from outside the EU, as reported by local media.

While a final decision has not been etched in stone, this strategic move has already found a place in the company's 2024 planning, a testament to the gravity of the current market situation. Blast furnace A, with an annual production capacity of 4.5 million metric tons, previously faced a halt in March of the preceding year following a fire.

The company, navigating through the intricacies of market fluctuations, positions the potential closure as a proactive measure to align with the prevailing market challenges. By considering this option, ArcelorMittal aims to minimize the impact on both employment and operational activities, emphasizing a cautious and strategic approach.


As ArcelorMittal Spain contemplates the possible closure of blast furnace A at its Asturias plant in Gijon, the steel giant demonstrates a proactive response to market challenges. While the decision is yet to be finalized, the strategic inclusion of this potential move in the company's 2024 planning underscores the seriousness of the market situation. With a focus on mitigating the impact on employment and activities, ArcelorMittal aims to navigate the complex landscape with resilience and strategic foresight.

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