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West Yorkshire's Henley Group takes a bold stride in construction innovation, investing £2.1m to launch HZS Stainless Steel. This new steelwork division, strategically based in Wakefield, aims to manufacture stainless steel components for GRC projects. By integrating production in-house, Henley Group enhances efficiency, reduces lead times, and offers transparency to clients. The Ossett-based factory, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, positions HZS as a pivotal addition to Henley Group's diverse portfolio, bolstering its reputation as a leader in GRC cladding, stonework, and masonry, reports Bdaily News.


In the heart of West Yorkshire, construction dynamo Henley Group forges a path of innovation with a £2.1m investment, giving birth to the newest member of its family – HZS Stainless Steel. This strategic expansion, based in Wakefield, unveils a specialized steelwork division poised to revolutionize the construction landscape.

HZS Stainless Steel sets its sights on manufacturing essential components for GRC projects, including brackets, restraints, and fixings. The move is a natural extension of Henley Group's prowess in GRC cladding, stonework, and masonry, encapsulated under its Henley Stone Specialists division.

The initiative promises heightened efficiency and precision by consolidating manufacturing processes in-house. Henley Group's ability to produce and install steelwork components without relying on multiple contractors ensures cost-effectiveness and shorter lead times. This strategic decision aligns with the Group's commitment to transparency, delivering enhanced value to end clients.

To bring this vision to life, Henley Group secures a 10,000 sq ft factory in Ossett, strategically positioned near J39 of the M1. A substantial £500k investment in cutting-edge equipment, including CNC machines, press brake folding machines, and a state-of-the-art laser cutter, underscores the commitment to industry-leading capabilities.

The HZS division welcomes a team of eight specialists, including seasoned welders. At the helm is Robert Gettings, appointed as Project Director. With over 14 years of industry experience, including a pivotal role in the Barking Riverside Project, Robert brings a wealth of knowledge to spearhead this ambitious endeavor.

Robert expresses his enthusiasm for the new role, highlighting the honor of leading the HZS division. His decision to join Henley Group stems from the company's stellar reputation and remarkable growth trajectory.

As the HZS division takes its place alongside Henley Stone Specialists, Henley Restoration and Remedials, and Henley Rail Services, the collective strength of Henley Group solidifies its position as an industry frontrunner.


Henley Group's venture into the realm of stainless steel with the launch of HZS Stainless Steel marks a significant leap forward in construction ingenuity. This strategic move, driven by a commitment to efficiency and client satisfaction, positions Henley Group as a dynamic force shaping the future of construction in West Yorkshire and beyond. The Ossett-based factory becomes a crucible of innovation, a testament to the group's dedication to excellence.

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