Forging Green Blades: Outokumpu, ZWILLING, & STAHL KREBS Unite

Outokumpu, ZWILLING, and STAHL KREBS collaborate to revolutionize knife production, utilizing the world's first near-zero


Outokumpu, ZWILLING, and STAHL KREBS collaborate to revolutionize knife production, utilizing the world's first near-zero stainless steel, Circle Green®, to significantly reduce ZWILLING's knife carbon footprint and enhance sustainability in kitchenware.



Outokumpu, a frontrunner in sustainable stainless steel, ZWILLING, renowned for quality kitchen products, and STAHL KREBS, a forward-thinking steel trading company, have entered a landmark agreement to introduce the pioneering Outokumpu Circle Green® stainless steel, aiming to curtail the carbon footprint of ZWILLING knives.

The collaboration targets the adoption of Circle Green stainless steel, facilitated by STAHL KREBS, for crafting ZWILLING knives, primarily focusing on the ZWILLING Pro line. This move anticipates a significant one-third reduction* in the series' carbon footprint, with plans to extend Circle Green's integration across multiple knife ranges in the future.

Circle Green, with an impressive up to 93% lower carbon footprint than the industry average**, represents a groundbreaking leap toward zero-emission stainless steel. Leveraging 100% low-carbon electricity, recycled materials, and innovative production techniques, Circle Green maintains the high quality and durability of traditional stainless steel.

Thomas Anstots, President of Outokumpu's Advanced Materials division, highlights Circle Green's potential, envisioning a substantial reduction of global carbon emissions across industries if Circle Green's methods were universally adopted.

ZWILLING, committed to sustainability, views this collaboration as pivotal in advancing its environmental commitments, intending to offer a carbon-neutral product portfolio. Dr. Alexander Gulden, ZWILLING's Chief Technology Officer, emphasizes the brand's aspiration to combine quality, durability, and environmental responsibility in their kitchen products.

Dr. Gernot Strehl, overseeing Product Compliance & Material Technology at ZWILLING, stresses the importance of affordability, ensuring that the eco-friendly knives remain accessible to consumers, fostering environmental contributions through purchases.

STAHL KREBS, the catalyst behind this initiative, expresses pride in contributing expertise to foster climate-friendly, high-quality knife production. Daniel Krebs, Managing Director at STAHL KREBS, underscores the company's role in supporting environmentally conscious manufacturing.


The partnership among Outokumpu, ZWILLING, and STAHL KREBS marks a significant stride towards sustainable kitchenware. Utilizing Circle Green stainless steel heralds a new era, where quality, durability, and eco-consciousness converge to shape the future of knife production.

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