Fortescue's Historic Export: Belinga Iron Ore Breaks Borders

Belinga iron ore
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Fortescue, known for Australian exports, achieves a historic milestone in Gabon, shipping the first product from its Belinga iron ore project. Breaking away from its Australian ports, this achievement follows the signing of a Mining Convention with the Gabonese Government less than a year ago. The event, celebrated with Gabonese officials, marks a pivotal moment for Fortescue, foreseeing the project's potential to transform their portfolio and create opportunities across Africa. The early-stage development has not only provided employment for over 400 locals but also showcases Fortescue's commitment to community support and sourcing goods locally.


In a groundbreaking move, Fortescue achieves a historic milestone by shipping the first product from its Belinga iron ore project in Gabon. This marks a notable departure as it becomes the first time Fortescue exports iron ore from a port outside of Australia, signifying the company's expanding global footprint.

The swift progression from signing a Mining Convention with the Gabonese Government to exporting iron ore highlights the efficiency and dedication of Fortescue. Less than a year since the agreement, the project is ready for shipment, showcasing the company's agility and commitment to timely execution.

Fortescue Metals CEO, Dino Otranto, joined forces with Ivindo Iron CEO, Eric Epee, and Gabon Minister of Mines, M. Hervé Patrick Opiangah, to celebrate this monumental achievement in Libreville. Otranto emphasizes the project's potential to revolutionize Fortescue's portfolio and create a product that stands out globally.

More than 400 Gabonese, including contractors, have been employed as part of the project, with over 50% from local villages. Fortescue's commitment to supporting communities is evident through over $30 million in goods and services sourced locally, showcasing a dual commitment to employment and community development.

The initial project phase not only celebrates the historic export but also provides crucial insights for future success. Fortescue is actively engaged in an exploration drilling campaign, indicating the potential for significant scale and high-grade ore. Studies are underway to design a large-scale development, projecting sustained growth opportunities for Fortescue.

Dino Otranto highlights that this achievement is a significant step towards opening growth opportunities for Fortescue throughout Africa. The Belinga project, with its transformative potential, positions Fortescue as a key player in contributing to economic development across the continent.


Fortescue's historic export from the Belinga iron ore project not only signifies a momentous achievement but also sets the stage for further global expansion. The company's commitment to local employment, community support, and the exploration of large-scale development reflects Fortescue's pioneering spirit. As the project progresses, it not only opens new chapters for Fortescue but also contributes to the economic development of Gabon and the broader African region.

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