French Minister Tours ArcelorMittal's Dunkirk Steelworks

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French Minister for Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, visited ArcelorMittal's Dunkirk steelworks to receive updates on their government-supported decarbonisation plans. The ambitious project aims to slash carbon intensity by 35% in European steel production by 2030. Dunkirk, producing 5 million metric tons of steel annually, plans to replace a blast furnace with a 2.5 million metric ton direct reduced iron furnace and two electric arc furnaces. A strategic agreement with EDF for long-term low-carbon electricity supply further fortifies ArcelorMittal's green initiatives.


In a pivotal moment reinforcing France's commitment to sustainable industry practices, Bruno Le Maire, the French Minister for Economy and Finance, graced ArcelorMittal's Dunkirk steelworks with his presence. Welcomed by Eric Niedziela, Chairman, ArcelorMittal France, and the French executive management team, the visit aimed to apprise Mr Le Maire of the progress in ArcelorMittal's government-backed decarbonisation plans and advancements in their French steelmaking operations.

These decarbonisation plans, unveiled in February 2022, form the linchpin of ArcelorMittal's ambitious goal to slash the carbon intensity of its European steel production by a significant 35% by 2030. At the heart of these efforts lies Dunkirk, a facility churning out approximately five million metric tons of steel annually from two blast furnaces. The grand vision involves the construction of a 2.5 million metric ton direct reduced iron furnace and two electric arc furnaces, poised to replace one of the existing blast furnaces.

The project, having successfully navigated the pre-FEED (front-end engineering design) stage last year, currently finds itself in the FEED stage. Anticipated completion later this year will not only delineate the industrial blueprint, implementation timeline, and final budget but also validate the overall viability of this transformative initiative.

In an additional boost to ArcelorMittal's decarbonisation endeavors, a noteworthy letter of intent was inked with French state-owned energy supplier EDF Energy during Mr Le Maire's visit. The agreement solidifies a long-term commitment for the supply of low-carbon electricity to ArcelorMittal's French steelmaking sites in Dunkirk and Fos-sur-mer. This strategic partnership exemplifies collaborative efforts towards sustainable industrial practices and aligns with France's broader decarbonisation agenda.


Bruno Le Maire's visit to ArcelorMittal's Dunkirk steelworks signifies a crucial juncture in France's support for the steel giant's decarbonisation plans. The ambitious project, backed by government funding, aims to revolutionize steel production in Europe, exemplified by Dunkirk's transition from blast furnaces to cutting-edge technologies. The strategic alliance with EDF for long-term low-carbon electricity supply further underscores ArcelorMittal's commitment to green initiatives and aligns with the global shift towards sustainable industrial practices.

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