Gerdau Revamps Riograndense Steel Mill

Riograndense Image Source: RUSSALA


Gerdau, a Brazilian steel giant, completes a $41.11 million renovation at its Riograndense long steel mill. This overhaul modernized steelmaking facilities, prioritizing environmental safety. André Gerdau Johannpeter, the Vice President, emphasizes the upgrade's role in meeting national steel demands while affirming commitment to Rio Grande do Sul's progress through innovation and sustainability.


Gerdau, a leading Brazilian steelmaker, recently concluded extensive renovations at its Riograndense long steel mill, investing $41.11 million (BRL 200 million) in modernization efforts. The renovation focuses on upgrading steel production infrastructure and enhancing environmental and safety standards.

André Gerdau Johannpeter, Vice President at Gerdau, expressed the significance of this renovation in sustaining national steel supply. This significant investment not only ensures meeting the country's steel needs but also underscores the company's dedication to Rio Grande do Sul's socioeconomic growth, emphasizing innovation and sustainability as core pillars.

The refurbishment initiative follows the mill's production halt in January the previous year. Operating with an annual capacity of 450,000 metric tons of crude steel, the mill churns out 495,000 metric tons of various finished steel products annually, including rebar, wire rod, bars, drawn steel, and nails.


Gerdau's substantial investment and modernization at the Riograndense steel mill reflect a commitment to technological advancements and sustainable practices. With the upgrade boosting steel production and emphasizing environmental safety, the company aims to not only meet national steel demands but also contribute to the socioeconomic progress of Rio Grande do Sul.

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