Gestamp: A Cynosure in Automotive Metallurgy

GestampImage Source: SSAB


SSAB and Gestamp, industry giants in steel and automotive components respectively, have recently partnered to produce fossil-free steel for car parts. This initiative aims to reduce carbon emissions and make transportation more sustainable. It also strengthens Gestamp's position in delivering innovative and eco-friendly automotive components.


SSAB, a vanguard in steel production, has forged an accord with Spain's Gestamp, an eminent supplier of automotive parts that prioritize lightweight construction and safety. This coalition aims to produce and integrate fossil-free steel into various automotive components.

Gestamp, with its international footprint, specializes in the conceptualization, evolution, and fabrication of metal components that form the sinews of modern vehicles. Through its pioneering designs, the company facilitates the manufacture of automobiles that are not only lighter but also manifest reduced energy dissipation and a mitigated environmental imprint.

Javier Imaz, the Chief Procurement Officer at Gestamp, extolled the partnership's potential. "This liaison with SSAB amplifies our commitment to developing automotive parts that are not just innovative but also sustainable. The coalition will indubitably contribute to meeting our sustainability objectives and aiding in the creation of eco-efficient vehicles," he affirmed.

Tony Harris, the Head of Sales and Business Development at SSAB Europe, reciprocated the enthusiasm. "We are thrilled to enlist Gestamp as a collaborator in our Fossil-free™ steel initiative. Our collective endeavor will respond to the clamor for reduced CO₂ emissions from both manufacturers and end-users, and thereby supply automobiles that are considerably more sustainable," Harris elucidated.

This new venture augments an already robust symbiotic relationship between the two companies. Their multifaceted cooperation extends beyond mere sales and penetrates various facets of the development chain, including product testing and customer experience. This collaboration sets a new benchmark in steel-product development and inter-company alliances.

SSAB has ambitious aspirations to metamorphose the entire domain of steel manufacturing. The company aims to commence commercial-scale delivery of fossil-free steel by 2026 and envisions a drastic curtailment of its CO₂ emissions around 2030. Their steelmaking process, which replaces coking coal with fossil-free electricity and hydrogen, will essentially expunge carbon emissions, leaving water as the only by-product.


The partnership between SSAB and Gestamp marks a significant stride towards greener, more sustainable automotive manufacturing. By focusing on the use of fossil-free steel, these companies are setting a new standard in environmental responsibility within the automotive industry.

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