Glacier Fountain: Revolution in Pet Hydration

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PETLIBRO has unveiled the Glacier Fountain, a first-of-its-kind stainless steel pet water fountain that comes with human-grade ultrafiltration. Priced at $79.99, the device eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and heavy metals, offering pets cleaner water and owners an easier maintenance experience.


Leading smart pet supply brand, PETLIBRO, is breaking new ground in pet care with its latest offering, the Glacier Fountain. This unique product is the world's first stainless steel pet water fountain equipped with human-grade ultrafiltration technology.

This high-tech fountain employs filters made of BASF Ultrason® resins, ion-exchange fibers, and activated carbon. As a result, the Glacier Fountain can remove nearly all bacteria and a variety of heavy metals, making it one of the safest hydration options for pets.

The company's CEO, York Wu, shared that the core focus during the product's development was integrating human-grade filtration without compromising on user experience or design. "We wanted to offer pet owners something that combines quality, ease of maintenance, and user-friendliness," he said.

Not only does the Glacier Fountain set new standards in water purification for pets, but it also excels in other areas. For instance, the device has a long-lasting filter that needs replacement only every two months, a huge relief for pet owners used to more frequent filter changes.

Furthermore, the Glacier Fountain comes with several additional features aimed at enhancing user experience. These include a spacious water tank that is dishwasher-safe, user-friendly indicator lights for water and filter changes, and a design that is friendly to cats' whiskers, preventing whisker fatigue.

Small dogs and other similarly sized pets can also benefit from this innovative product. The fountain has vacuum suction technology that safely separates electrical components from the water, as well as chew-proof cables.

Available at a price of $79.99, the Glacier Fountain can be purchased on PETLIBRO's official website and Amazon.


PETLIBRO's Glacier Fountain is an innovative step forward in pet care technology. With its human-grade ultrafiltration, long-lasting filter, and various other user-friendly features, this product promises to significantly improve the quality of water available to pets. At $79.99, it offers value for money, providing pet owners peace of mind about their animals' hydration needs.

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