Global Crude Steel Production Persists in Sluggishness

World crude steel production in April 2023 witnessed a
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World crude steel production in April 2023 witnessed a slight decline of 2.4% compared to April 2022, amounting to 161.4 million metric tons.

Among the regions, Africa exhibited a positive growth of 4.8% in April 2023, reaching a production level of 1.3 million metric tons. Conversely, Asia and Oceania experienced a modest decrease of 1.5%, resulting in a production of 121.1 million metric tons. The European Union recorded a decline of 11.7%, manufacturing 11.1 million metric tons of crude steel. Europe, Other countries observed a significant reduction of 17.3%, producing 3.5 million metric tons. In contrast, the Middle East achieved a notable growth rate of 4.2%, generating a production volume of 4.2 million metric tons. North America encountered a decrease of 4.6%, manufacturing 9.2 million metric tons. Russia, other Commonwealth of Independent States countries, and Ukraine witnessed a 5.9% increase, reaching a production of 7.5 million metric tons. South America reported a decline of 2.2%, producing 3.6 million metric tons

China continues to lead the pack, despite experiencing a 1.5% decline in April 2023 compared to the same period last year, producing 92.6 million metric tons. On the other hand, India showcased an upward trajectory with a 3.2% increase, manufacturing 10.7 million metric tons. Japan, however, faced a setback with a 3.1% decrease, producing 7.2 million metric tons. The United States also experienced a decline of 5.3%, manufacturing 6.6 million metric tons. Meanwhile, Russia witnessed a positive growth rate of 1.9%, estimated to have produced 6.4 million metric tons. South Korea's steel production stood at 5.7 million metric tons, showcasing a growth of 3.0%. Germany encountered a decline of 3.8%, manufacturing 3.2 million metric tons. Similarly, Brazil faced a downturn of 5.9%, producing 2.8 million metric tons. Türkiye witnessed a substantial decline of 20.6%, manufacturing 2.7 million metric tons. Iran, on the other hand, demonstrated a positive growth rate of 5.9%, producing 3.1 million metric tons.

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