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India launches a "Made in India" labeling program for steel, empowering local producers to brand their products globally. This initiative aims to enhance the allure of Indian steel while assuring standardized quality. Integrated steel producers are the initial focus, with plans to include secondary mills in subsequent phases.


In a significant move, the Indian government has introduced a program designed to amplify the presence of domestic steel products on the global stage. The initiative entails labeling steel goods as 'Made in India,' heralding a new era of global recognition for the country's steel industry.

Initially encompassing integrated steel producers (ISPs), this groundbreaking program seeks to establish distinctive branding and labeling for 'Made-in-India' steel products in international markets. A statement from the government outlined this as the primary phase of implementation.

The second phase of the program will extend its scope to include secondary mills, broadening the reach of this branding endeavor across the entirety of India's steel manufacturing spectrum.

Beyond its marketing implications, this initiative holds the promise of ensuring standardized quality for Indian steel products. By enhancing attractiveness to potential buyers, the initiative aims to fortify the global market position of Indian steel.

An essential component of this program is the ISPs-QCI (Quality Council of India) portal Application Programming Interface (API) integration, successfully completed for label and QR code authentication. This integration stands as a testament to the comprehensive approach undertaken by the government in authenticating the 'Made in India' label for steel products.


India's "Made in India" labeling program for steel products represents a strategic leap toward enhancing the global visibility and credibility of the nation's steel industry. By emphasizing standardized quality and leveraging branding, this initiative aims to carve a distinct niche for Indian steel in the global marketplace.

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